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Two for the Price of One! (Sorta)

Illustration for John Armstrong's Book Found Here: God vs. The Bible Do Not Distribute without Mr. Armstrong's express written permission! For more information on his novel, please visit his website HERE .

Bonus Peek at a Work in Progress too:

A partially inked detail shot of my work in progress, my Incubus dudeis cut out and I've hidden my sketch layer, but I thought the succubus half of this picture was coming out HAWT so I thought I'd share.

This is another Commission for John Armstrong and his Book. This is for Chapter 12 again in the section "The Demonization of Sex"

John wanted a Succubus and an Incubus looking FABULOUSLY SEXY as traditional iconic symbols of temptation. I took it one step further and it's like a really sexy Perfume Advertisement from a Magazine...

"Lust... Irresistible for Him and Her..."
Eau du Potion No. 69 by Sammael

This really is a very thought provoking novel (and very humorous in many places, John is very witty too.)

John is a very good friend of mine as well, we "met" a couple of years ago on the internet (John read one of my novels and e-mailed me) and we've talked ever since.

He was recently a guest on CNN on the Anderson Copper 360 program and on Fox News too.
It might be heavy reading for some, but for theological analysis it's incredibly interesting and really stops to make you "think".

The novel is here: God vs. The Bible
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