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Well it's a "go"

It seems I have been accepted to Collins College School of Graphic Art and Design in Tempe Arizona to begin classes in October 2007
*cue hyperventilating.
It's not so much the going to school part, that I'm not worried about...
(Well except maybe having to take Algebra again after 25 years... I had to take it twice the first time around in High School, math it NOT my strong suit.)
The class load is massive for Visual Arts/Graphic Design - Game Art (My Major)
In a nutshell it's like taking all the Graphic Art and Visual Art and Web Design Classes combined with all the 3d Studio Max Concept Art/Storyboarding and Game Design classes all rolled into one hefty degree.
4 years worth of school crammed into two and a half years.

I really want to go to this school, they are rated WAY WAY up there for graphic art and design schools and would look UBER nice on a resume.
Not to mention there is job placement for life for alumni... nice bonus.

I will definitely miss y-con this year.. poopers I've never missed one before but I'll live (gotta transfer my hotel reservations to Carolyn....)
I am struggling with financial aide... My divorce shot my credit score all to hell five years ago and while I am bringing it back up again, it's still once of those things banks don't like so getting loans (EVEN FEDERAL ONES are being declined... Wah)
No Pell grants for me since I made 26,0000+ last year and they give a shit I will have to give up that nice paycheck to go back to school (so I can get better paycheck and not have to suck dick in health care customer service anymore)
One Loan Application looks semi promising so my fingers are crossed there. I want to get as much aid and loans as possible so I don't have to work more than a few hours a week (Food and rent money) because that class load is HEFTY and I really want to focus on good grades.

It's a major step in the right direction for me career wise... I'd like to have that degree in my hand BEFORE I'm hitting the big 40 which is too close for comfort.
I need a secure job in a technical industry because I know damn well in a year or two my current job will be outsourced to an Indian Call Center in Calcutta.
All Customer Service jobs are heading there, fact of life sadly I need to prepare for that inevitability.

So Yes, I *AM* going back to school, it's just the OMGINEEDMONEYPANICPANICPANIC left.


So that's where I've been for the past 2 weeks.... stressing, going through interviews with the college and getting loan and scholarship applications filled out, checking out apartments in Tempe, getting things scoped out and prepared for a major life upheaval...

To Do list:
Get off my God Damn Temp Disability and get back to work! I want my Doctor to release me already! I need MONEY
Get Commissions Finished
Get Script Finished for Iris Print's Kellie to Edit and Get it to Zel...
Call off all future commitments after that list is cleared
Panic until I am actually sitting in Tempe and going to first class... because I know me...
I'm anal retentive and must have everything organized...
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