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Going back to school?

Going back to school, me? At my age... that's a tough decision.
I've got some course info for Collins College in Tempe, AZ

I'd have to move, that alone is big enough problem.

#1, big scary jump in a hole live alone scary.
With my medical conditions, living alone is not only terrifying, it's not advisable. I need someone there to call 911 if I'm ya know, going into a pulmonary episode. But it would only be 2 years or so. I can get one of those "Help, I've fallen and I can't get up!!" medical alert push button necklaces I suppose. *Panic attack*

#2 Money... How the fuck am I going to pay for this? I have been out of school so long (Longer than I was ever in it to begin with!!!) I don't have a CLUE where to even start LOOKING let alone APPLYING for Grants and loans. (Preferably GRANTS, I'm still paying off Student loans from 17 years ago!!!!)

#3 Can we say I think I'm hyperventilating thinking about being a 36 year old student in a sea of 18 year olds?

#4. Somebody, talk to be give me advice! Should I do this? I'm really TORN. Emotionally, financially and mentally.

I'm looking at a Graphics Art BA (I'm already DOING that work, but need the degree to be PAID for it properly.) I'm also looking at getting a Game Arts BA at the same time... Just because the class look like a shit load of fun with computer programs and character design. Coming up with characters is what I am good at. I know a job in that industry is a total pipe dream. Hence why getting the Graphic Designer BA is #1 Priority.

Talk to me folks, help my anxiety please!
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