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REVISED (s)VCD Help...

Okay I did not make myself clear enough and we got waaaaay off track.


I know PAL is Euro setting, was just curious if it would work or not seeing as my Ex's DVD's worked here. Just curious if that would have corrected the subtitles being cut off.

So we'll scratch that bad idea I had.

I do not know how to use TMPGEnc. software. Like I said, It's very technical and I don't know what to plug in where. I followed on-line directions (that read like BAD stereo instructions where they expect you to have a PhD in computer science) and got an end file at like 900MB way too big after encoding to do anything with but delete.

Got myself Nero-Burning Rom! (idiot friendly) and it auto converts/calculates and we can fit 3 episodes to a disk, however the aspect ratio / Size I don't know WHERE to go to adjust it, I looked EVERYWHERE. Can you even do this in this program? I want to tweak the size by just a few pixels so the subtitles don't disappear off the screen.

They are THERE, they just get cut off.

Does that make more sense?

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