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Shirley Phelps Roper ... *PUKE*

This Woman is NUCKING FUTZ!!!!!!!!!

4 part

Rest of the Tyra Show segment and A dozen more Crasy News Videos... under cut

Amish Girls! How can you hate Amish little girls?

I think I'm about to PUKE

Theres so much more, just type in Shirley Phelps Roper and cry....

I'm not a praying woman normally, I feel personally I;m being selfish when I ask God for things for myself, so I don't. My needs seem so trivial, I'm not gonna bother the big guy when I can bite the bullet, cinch the belt and pluck along.

However, this is not about me, it's so much bigger....
I'm praying Now that the God I know, the one of love, forgiveness and tolerance opens up a can o whup ass on these people when it's Their Judgment Day!
I'm weeping with the hatred shown here...
Please God, Stop the HATE.
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