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Birthday Cheeky Beefcake for a Friend,

Hootinanny gets shafter for His B-day (December 19th)
What with the lame excuse it's so close to Christmas.
Do you do that to people born on Indpendence Day?
"Sorry no Prezzies but have Fireworks!!!
UM NO! Same principal applies people! Please don't tell your loved ones
to "Well you'll just get more at Christmas" which we all know it BULLSHIT
you would have bought them that anyway for Christmas, you're
coping out and we know you are! Aeris' b-day is the 30th
we would never think of letting her NOT have a terrific b-day all about HER.
Show your loved one's with b-days in December you CARE!
That being said.... Here's a Quick Pic for Hootinanny
to cheer him Up:

Tags: original artwork, rant

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