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Okay, I bought a Gateway CX2726 Tablet PC Notebook
I brought it home, got the Windows set up done... played with the tablet feature on an Oekaki board for about an hour.
Was NOT impressed with the tablet feature at all. It is not accurate, the cursor ghosted heavily to the left of the pen tip, even calibrating it and fiddling with the settings didn't help and there is no pressure sensitivity.,..
However, that wasn't the worst part. Like I said I had the thing turned out about 3 hours in total.
2 Hours to just set the thing up and then an hour to play with it.
I turned it off and went to bed.
Next morning I got up, ordered a spare 12 cell battery and then went to go play on it again to see if I liked it better the next day.
Hit the "on Button" ... NOTHING
Held the on button in... NOTHING
Finally after plugging and unplugging, battery in and battery out trials I got the damn thing to turn on...
for about the length of time it took windows to LOAD
then it just turned off all by itself.

I called gateway... The were like... "Did you have a storm or something?"

Me: "No, no storm. It's on a surge protector anyway. It's less than 48 hours old this should not be happening please don't treat me like an idiot. I know it should at least turn "ON"!!!"
Them: "It sounds like you have a faulty mother board, I'd take it back where you bought it or send it into us for a refurbish."

Me: "... .... Oh yes, I will be taking it back and NOT replacing it with a gateway thank you very much."

So I no longer have a tablet PC notebook (It wasn't so hot anyway and the largest screen they had was only 14") so I'm back to a 17" widescreen regular old laptop.
I went with a Toshiba Satelite It's sleek, it's purdy, it works well. (It's battery runs out quick though, 2 hours O_O)
But now I have to return the gateway battery that is coming, get my money back on that and then order Toshiba's high-capacity battery pack.

Oi Vey!

I do not recommend the PC Tablets yet... they have a long way to go yet, I'll stick with my regular tablet until technology catches up a little more.

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