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Secret Santa Art for Y!Gallery

This was for my Secret Santa on Y!Gallery. A gift for Hootinanny who requested:

Lovely bishounen boys in elaborate kimonos maybe little flesh peeking out, and some light caressing smiley
Maybe one with long elegant black hair and one with crazy colored punk style hair (not a mohawk)

I have NEVER Drawn kimonos or yukatas before.... EVER
I must admit the patterns are shamelessly copied off some Origami Rice Paper I have here at home.
I couldn't resist making one of the boys a cross dresser in Geisha make-up...
Geisha kimonos are just sooooo pretty. xoxoxo <3

Tools: Poser 6, Manga Studio EX 3.0, Adobe Photoshop CS2, Wacom tablet, Rice paper and a whole lot of cursing!

Tags: gift art, original artwork, secret santa

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