D's Daily Drama (fablespinner) wrote,
D's Daily Drama

The Form of a God

I have a very good friend John Anderson (http://godvsthebible.com)
and he's always reading something of mine and then sending me fabulous historcial and reference links.

Today's was:

Gay God Antinopolis, Cesar Hadrian's lover
and looking at the statues of him? (He was actually the model for his own statues, he was like a Greek "supermodel" of his time in 123 BC)
Oh fuck yes, you can see why they made him a GOD when he died. (And why Hadrian wet himself with LURVE over this guy.)
Hubba Hubba

thanks for the link John.
Very interesting site too, there are people who worship this guy in an actual religion still to this day.
I think I'd worship at his altar too!

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