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I totally forgot... I posted new Fics not long ago (Actually probably over two weeks ago now) on my site and totally spaced telling anyone.

There were Two additions to the Stories of the Sun and the Moon series:
Le Storie Del Sole e Dalla Luna (Stories of the Sun and the Moon)
Book IV: Il Prete di Luna, Lo Schiavo di Carne - (Moon Priest, Flesh Slave)
Book V: I Fuchi e Fiorisce - (Drones and Blooms)

The Namesake Tales...
Five Complete Short Stories...
How do you live up to your name if it's common place to name your children with values and virtues?
Here's tales of couples who strive to live up the power of a name:

The Namesake Tales


“In the Name”
Book One in Namesake Tales
Author: D. Sanders


There is an ancient custom in the Kingdom of Aegis that began with King Wisdom’s reign. It’s said that to name a child with a virtue or occupation would so imprint the youth so that he or she would live up to the lofty name placed upon their heads. So it was true of King Wisdom, the wise who conquered the warring factions of Aegis and made the kingdom we know today.

His Son, Prince Prosperity brought wealth in trade from other kingdoms to our borders and thus the tradition of naming children with ideals to encourage them began.

My given namesake is Constant. An appropriate name since I seem to be constantly fighting or constantly thinking about a certain youth who owns my very soul and I am sworn to protect. I think back to my childhood when it all began and I cannot help but smile at the memory.

I was six years old the first time I saw him. It was during the harvest festival and being a child during those festivities is grand for servants as well as the nobility. The bright streamers and puppet shows. The minstrels and music and the stalls of fresh goods spread out in the courtyards of the Keep and spilling out into the city streets.

My mother, Kestrel was a huntswomen for the Queen and in charge of Queen Delicate’s falcons. My father, Seeker was in charge of the King Stern’s hounds so I grew up amidst dogs and birds in the King’s stables and had a very good childhood being of the upper servants of the keep.

I had no concept of my station in life, my parents while teaching me their trades gave me a very good and loving upbringing and gave me plenty of time to myself to just be a child.

A luxury I took for granted at the time as I ran from stall to stall with my pennies buying all sorts of treats that were sure to give me nightmares and an upset stomach later that night. I didn’t care and I was letting the old grey muzzled scent hound, Bloodnose, lick the berry juice from my sticky fingers. The bubbly pie long gone.

Bloodnose was old and no longer went to hunt with the King so my father let the dog trail after me most days. Partly because Bloodnose would take down a boar to protect me and keep strangers from getting too friendly with a carefree boy. Bloodnose kept me safe and I fed him tidbits of my treats and we were happy.

We met up with some other children near the kitchen fountains where a minstrel was singing songs of King Fierce’s journey to the far north kingdom of Rustgaard where he slew the dragon and carried home the mountain princess to wife.

We laughed as he sang to us and that was when I first saw him. His dark skin was like Queen Delicate’s. She had come from the southern Islands off the coast of Aegis. The tales I heard from there were exotic and that the golden skin people of the tropical islands wore little clothing and fewer morals.

I was too young to remember the scandal when the King newly widowed went to the isles and came back with a young tropical islander as his second wife. He named her Delicate to our customs, her real name I never knew.

She was the price of free trade and peace. She came back as Queen to an aging King and trade had opened between the Kingdom and the Southern Isles.

The boy peeking around the kitchen door had her dark skin, her piercing blue eyes and hair so blond it was almost white. He was just about my age it looked, maybe a year younger no more. He was dressed nobly, in sky blue silks and he looked terrified of Bloodnose and afraid to come any closer to the minstrel.

“It’s alright. Bloodnose won’t hurt you.” I assured the boy who came out stiffly, regarding the dog warily.

Bloodnose thumped his tail on the ground as the boy approached and then walked over to snuff at him in greeting. The boy was won over and his stiffness melted when Bloodnose gave him a sloppy lick and then wandered off to nose at a discarded bone near the kitchen doors.

“He’s a big dog.” The boy said to me as he watched Bloodnose worry the bone in his jaws.

“Yeah, but he’s old and he likes kids my Pa says.” I replied not knowing who this boy was nor caring much at the time. He was just another child in a sea of merry makers.

He was pretty and finely boned and if it weren’t for the clothes of a boy I would have assumed him a girl with the length of his natural ring curls and build. He seemed terminally shy and kept looking over his shoulder as if he feared being caught at something.

“I’m Constant, what’s your name?” I asked innocently.

“Beloved.” He answered shyly and then blushed when I laughed.

“That’s not a boy’s name.” I replied callously and the youth looked ready to cry.

“It’s my name just the same.” He sighed; looking accustomed to defending his name and then resigned already to a lifetime of jeers from his peers for having a feminine name.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to tease.” I apologized and the boy just shrugged.

“Why should you be any different than my brothers?” Was all he said as Bloodnose came back to be petted by the new boy.

Beloved scratched his ears and chin and relaxed beside us as a tumbler joined the minstrel and we watched the show, Bloodnose between us snoozing in the warm autumn afternoon.

After a few songs Beloved stood and dusted off his pants. “Mama said I could have a pie and gave me money for one. Can you show me where I can find one?” He asked and I nodded and led him to the baker’s stall.

Beloved was in awe of the goods displayed, as if he’d never eaten a pie before. “Which one is good?” He asked me and I pointed out the bubbly berry pies. My particular favorites.

To my surprise Beloved bought four. One for himself, one for me, one for Bloodnose and one he said he was going to take back to his mother. Because she was sick in bed and he thought a sweet might cheer her up. He looked melancholy when he mentioned his mother.

I asked him what was wrong and he told me that ever since he’d been born his mother had been weak and that even small colds made her very tired and sickly. He was in the middle of his telling when a guardsman walked over and frowned.

“Your highness. Your mother is worried about you, I’ve orders to bring you back to her at once.” He said and the boy nodded.

“It was nice to meet you Constant. Thank you for showing me the way and I hope we can meet again sometime.” He said giving Bloodnose one more scratch behind the ears before he sighed and followed the guard back inside the keep.

“So that’s the young Prince Beloved. Don’t see much of him, his mama’s got him sequestered most oft than not.” I heard the baker say and his wife nodded.

“To keep him safe from his brother’s no doubt. Rough handed they are like their father. A Boy so much younger and of southern stock he’s prime for bullying. I heard rumors that sometimes Beloved isn’t seen for days on end and then when he is, he’s a motley of bruises and there is little the Queen can do about it confined to her sickbed. Just look at him, what boy of five should be so sad? He should be playing with the other children his age, but he’s locked in that room with his mother, watching her die slowly and then fearing a cuff is he leaves her protection. Not normal I say. It’s cruel.”

I listened intently. I’d heard my parents talking about a boy like that before too. They never mentioned his name, but they too gossiped at night about a boy they pitied in the Keep. My mother was a friend of the Queen as well as her servant. She’d often go to see the ailing queen and come back looking sad.

I went to find my mother and I asked her about what I’d heard and told her I met Beloved. She seemed shocked.

“I’m surprised they let Beloved out of her sight. Did he look well?” She asked and I nodded.

“He looked scared.”

“He is scared Constant. He’s a sad little boy. His Mama is dying and he’s got no friends his age to play with. He sits all alone beside his Mama every day while she sleeps and watches over her. He’s a good boy.” My mother told me and then she sighed heavily.

“It’s a shame is father and brother’s cannot see that in him.” She added with a far off look on her face. Then she turned and smiled at me.

“Constant, the next time I go visit the Queen, would you like to go with me for Beloved’s sake? Would you be his friend?” She asked me and I nodded.

“Sure, I liked him he bought me a pie and just because I showed him where the booth was. He didn’t have to and he gave one to Bloodnose too.”

My mother looked pleased. “Beloved is a generous and gentle soul. He could use a true friend at his side.” She said taking me off to meet my father where he was playing a game of horseshoes with some of the other stable hands.

That was where my life and Beloved’s began sharing a path.

For the rest of the Story Please go here:
All the Namesake Takes: http://fablespinner.com/node/411
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