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I might have to write two stories.. I don't think this one will stretch out to 50,000 words
it's moving along quite quickly and I don't want to put in unnecessary stuff to fill it out more.

But that's okay I always have more than one plot in my head all the time.
I also have one I want I want to give to you haydenthorne because I could never write it and give it the justice it deserves.
E-mail me if you'r interested in a gothic mystery horror story plot line.
It was a dream I had (Starring James Woods no less!!! O_o)
Don't ask me, it's gotta be the drugs I'm on, but it was so good and so vivid I remembered everything and it must have come about
because Mom is always TIVOing those crime shows and all the horror ones.

I woke up in a cold sweat the end scared the bajeebers out of me.
I wish I were kidding too. I know I can't write it, but it's probably right up your twisted alley.

You could write this, let me know if you want all the details of my drug induced nightmare.
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