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Vernacular Misuse Pet Peeves

Vernacular Misuse Pet Peeves
Okay... I smell I rant coming on.


I'm not talking about colloquialisms and regional accents. I'm not talking about typos in written text.

I'm talking about people totally unable to speak their native tongue. (English)

These are things I hear all the time that drive me up a wall and make that little vein behind my eye twitch.

"I feel like a weight has been TOOKEN off my shoulders"

It' s TAKEN YOU RETARD! "Tooken" is not a word!

"We were conversating" "We conversate"

You were having a CONVERSATION and CONVERSING to CONVERSE is to speak! To TALK! Which you obviously can't do!

"He stoled that"


"I have boughten/boughtted a new blouse"

You BOUGHT a new blouse! To BUY something in the past tense.

You went to BUY a blouse

You have BOUGHT a blouse. There is no past tense for Bought, it IS the past tense.

Things like this, total disregard for speaking your native language is an insult. Yet, I hear these things every day.

Especially on Shows Like "Judge Judy" and "The People's Court" I cringe, I cry, I want to throw things.

It's amazing how COMMON these phrases are and accepted!

These are not words you are speaking people. They aren't words at all in our language.

Please listen to yourselves and try not to sound like complete idiots when you speak.

If you said those things in a Job interview with me? I'd not hire you.

Why?Because you sound uneducated and like a dolt and it gives me theimpression you have not the brain capacity to think so why would Iwaste my time on you?

Language is so very important, communication defines you.

For instance... I know I cannot say the word "anonymity" ... I cannot wrap my tongue around it. I've tried, I've practiced. I've failed miserably to say this word,

So, instead of saying: "He wishes to retain is anonymity" I CHOOSE CONSCIOUSLY TO REPHRASE into something I can say:

"He wishes to remain anonymous."

I can say "anonymous" so I choose to sound EDUCATED and speak properly.

It's not that difficult. But everyday... I hear speech patterns that make me want to go postal.

So what gets your goat?
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