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Nanowrimo - Day One

Get Meter

Not too bad for just a few hours. With a cat constantly wanting in my lap and stepping all over my keyboard making me have to edit out her contribution to the story.
I move her to the back of my chair and I get feet in my next and a tail whapping me on the head and annoyed little "meows" when I won't let her lay on my lap.
"Damn it bitch, I'm used to having my way and you petting me non-stop. I am spoiled DIVA cat with Affection Craving issues. I think I am a dog, who must be loved on constantly for validation!"
For any of you how've seen Shrek 2, ya know that face PUSS gives folks to make them melt? He took lessons from Needy, she's the MASTER of "TEH CUTE LOVE ME I NEED YOU" look.
Oh she's named appropriately. She's the NEEDIEST damn cat for affection I have EVER MET.
Totally addcted to cuddling, she comes running every time I go outside and I am barely in my chair before she is on my lap wanting to be loved on.
Especially if I'm in my robe (like now) she wants in it with me.
If she weren't so cute and if I wasn't such a sucker I'd punt her over the fence so I could write.
She's a major distraction. O_o

BUT... I have 12 pages and running, chapter one done.
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