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Massive Site Updates!!

I am Dead! It's taken me three days to find all the old fiction and reformat everything into PDFs

but this will hopefully now make MY LIFE and YOURS very simple...

All Books will open in a new window in an easily printable and saveable PDF file.

You must have adobe acrobat reader installed to view these files.

acrobat reader

 What this means? No more multi-html pages...no more files everywhere. All stories and all chapters are now contained in a single file laid out like a book.

You can save the file right from the PDF browser window and print it cleanly if desired.

It also makes me able to upload much more quickly since all I have to do is hit one button in my open office document writer to convert my working files into a PDF when I'm done.

It also gives me a backup, should we ever have a database problem again it's nothing to just upload the PDF files again. The text itself is not in the database! YAY!

There's also a New Cover Art image for "My Gentle Strength" Book one in the Wielders and Wellsprings series

Also all the Paperback Novels are now Available for Purchase via the website:

FableWorks Store:

also, the commissions page is up again, the new tutorials section is also running...

I am POOPED!!!! But the Site is WHOLE AT LAST... It's Alive! Aliiiiiiiive!

Please drop by and let me know if every thing working for you.

(And a side note to my RANT yesterday... can you believe even after all that I had four more people who READ THE RANT and still send me e-mails asking if I was going to restore the fanfic...

I wasn't going to, I really wasn't I just want the fantards to SHUT UP ALREADY AND STOP WHINING AT ME!!!
There's it's up again now leave me alone asking about it! MMMMkay?
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