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I love Halloween and little kids.... the perfect combination!

Halloween 2006
lots of cuteness... I am such a sucker for the littlest trick-or-treaters.

Any kid under five usually makes me squee when I answer the door and rush for my camera to capture TEH KYOOT!
We get a ton of visitors because we live in a very safe neighborhood and parents are carpooling the kids over in droves to trick-or-treat in relative safety.

They were arriving by the minivan load and parking all up and down the street.
I can't say I blame the parents, I'd do the same if I had kids and lived in a bad part of town.

I'd drive mine too to the nicer blocks. We do have a nice higher end middle class neighborhood, well lighted streets, nice houses and residents that really do
get into the spirit. Hell the Neighbor across the street at a haunted house all spread out over his lawn.

I don't go that crazy, but I do fork out a ton for Candy. I like when kids go:
"WHOA! COOL SHE'S GIVING OUT THE GOOD STUFF!!!!11111oneoneone!!!1"

Yeah I drop about $60.00 to $80.00 bucks every year on candy, but it's once a year man. And hey, I get to eat the leftovers!
*counts what's left in bowl by door*
oh, a whole FIVE butterfinger and kit-kat minis I have left! Score! LOL

Our first visitors, next door neighbors Cody - "Steve Irwin" (Boy-age 3) and Cadence - "Fairy Princess" (Girl-age 2) and Mom Jessica. Jessica is deaf and notice how she shows the kids how to say "thank you" in sign language.

Jessica can read lips which is very cool and thankfully makes it easy enough to communicate with her when you don't have paper handy. The only shame of this is Cody in glasses... he is the PRETTIEST little boy... We're talking angelic chibi Quatre here and his eyes are huge and a brilliant sky blue in color. He's going to be so gorgeous when he grows up and Cadence has a starburst hazel brown outer ring/green center eyes and she's got those perfectly-pouty lips... both of them are just precious it's going to be fun watching them grow up next door.

"Aeris, What do you say on Halloween?"

"CHEEEEESE!!! and These are my Friends!" (Total Strangers Trick-or-treating)

"Who are you?"


Aeris demonstrating how to "FLY like Superman"

Aeris likes to Beat Grandpa (Big Daddy) with her sqooshy pillow.
She does this every time she comes over, she thinks this IS THE FUNNIEST THING EVAR!!!!!1111oneoneone

More Big Daddy Abuse (I love her giggle!)

Luke being Curious as always -- He's so HARD to get pictures of because he NEVER stays still!
I have 800 pictures of Aeris and like 3 good ones of Luke where he's not just a BLUR on film.

Luke and Mommy (Genevieve)

LUKE THE BOY WONDER!!! (He was actually scratching his ass when I took this. O_o ... Pause for the crack issues!)

Aeris's Cape!

He was saying "ARRRRRRRRR" how cute. I love when Parents dress up with the Kids.
(Is Mom a Johnny Depp Fan perhaps? *snerk*)

If I were King of the Forrrreeeeessssstttttt! Da Noive!
Just the cutest toddler on his first trick or treat. Note he's standing on his tail!
So Adorable!!!!

Cody and Cadence again.
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