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Done with GW Fandom assholes!

I am so sick of fantards!!!

Message to all People who never give feedback. but sure as shit are quick on the keyboard to bitch and complain!!!
There has been a news announcement on the main page of my site for weeks, right up top... telling you I had a database error and the fiction was temporarily down.
But they send e-mails, contact forms and leave forum topics whining and complaining about it!!!
Demanding answers when they already had one if they'd READ THE FRONT FUCKING PAGE!!!

I'm getting really tired of people not reading this main page about the fiction database problem and emailing, demanding and complaining they can't access three year old fanfiction.


You guys are not making me want to even put it back up at all!!

Good Grief, I write other things too, but the only thing people give a damn about

is ancient fanfiction.


The demands in my e-mail to "hurry up"

or the "WHERE"S THE FANFIC WAHHHHH!" e-mails have grated on my LAST NERVE.


No one bothered to read the main page news announcement before whining and complaining.

Guess what folks? You've just succeeded in totally pissing me off. You've had the opposite effect.

I am not here to pander to your free entertainment fixes!


I am human too and not a machine to churn out hard work for you not to say thanks and only complain if it's NOT UP ON THE INTARDNET WHEN YOU WANT IT!


I'm done. Fanfiction can rest in peace forever. I'm not here to provide you fiction you don't ever say thank you for, but sure as shit speak up when it's not available when you want it.


I am not Comcast On Demand

I am not TIVO


I am a person, I wrote a story you liked and until you couldn't read it you finally said something and then it was only to demand I put it back up ASAP.



No thank you, no please, nothing remotely polite.


Fanfiction is dead, period. I have absolutely no desire anymore to share when all I get out of it is headaches. 

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