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D = Dead Dead Deadski!

I am so OUT OF IT!
I've spent the last two days under a medicated STUPOR.
I'm hopeless at trying to catch up with everyone's Con reports and hopefully will find my gad damn camera in a bag somewhere to make mine this afternoon.
I love going to con, but man my eternal energy and GO-GO Power Rangers fortification is just pure adrenlin while *AT* the con.
When I get home, I inevitably prove to myself that I am indeed no longer a youngling and must fight tired old lady syndrome.

Running to the grocery store now to get food for my kitty (Who has plastered herself against me like a suction cup on a shower wall since I got home.
Apparently my "NEEDY" is aptly named. She needs affection 24/7 and I am TEH BAD MOMMY for leaving her for 5 days in a row.

So let me come around to the land of the living and con report to follow this afternoon I hope
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