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Whoa, stormcloude

You might want this info:

D.N.Angel Episode 1 bit torrent download!

I just watched it, it looks very promising.


Gacked from iluvkarishinji

1) Last dream:SOme yuri moment between me and jo_mako I described it in my lj!
2) Last car ride: Drove to the post office to mail fansubs to vr2bast
3) Last kiss: Um... it's been so long I don't remember honestly.
4) Last good cry: Today (I'm in PAIN!!!!!)
5) Last Missing Library Book: I'm not a library whore, I'm a BORDERS WHORE! I must OWN books!
6) Last movie seen: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (At the movies)
7) Last Book Read: Currently re-reading "The Dragonbone Chair" by Tad Williams
8) Last cuss word uttered: Need the list? I use them as metaphors, Nouns, adjectives, expletives, verbs, etc.... FUCK!
9) Last beverage drank: *Looks at Iced Tea*
10) Last Food consumed: Yams (I can only eat pulverized food currently)
11) Last Crush: Do bishounen count? Cause I'm through with real men. But if we must answer 9 years ago, my Ex-Husband
12) Last phone call: Called herophelia cause I was worried when she was late
13) Last TV show watched: Anime: D.N.Angel/Wolf's Rain 10, Current TV: Yesterday's American Idol
14) Last Item Bought: Food: Soup / Vanilla Ice Cream Item: Potted Easter Lily for Mom
15) Last time showered: Um, Last night I think.
16) Last shoes worn: my ratty tennis shoes
17) Last CD played: Wolf's Rain Official Soundtrack
18) Last downloaded: D.N.Angel Episode 1
19) Last annoyance: Mom and or Dad
20) Last disappointment: I get disappointed so often, I'd commit suicide if I kept track.
21) Last soda drank: Diet Generic Cola, 3 days ago
22) Last thing written: note in my LJ to stormy
23) Last key used: My car key
24) Last word spoken: "OW"
25) Last trip to the bathroom: 20 minutes ago to swish and brush my teeth (what's left) for the forth time today.
26) Last sleep: Slept form noon to 2 today.
27) Last IM: To my "dad" Duo Maxwell (ttdsdg rpg)
28) Last sexual fantasy: I think I'm dead from the waist down.
29) Last orgasm: Never
30) Last weird encounter:Greasy, anime fanboys at ani-jam SCARY!
31) Last Store Shopped at: SaveMart Grocery
32) Last ice cream eaten: Chocolate (ovaltine) Malt
33) Last time amused: Not recently, been hurting too much
34) Last time wanting to die:Last time my gums really THROBBED. 5 minutes ago?
35) Last time in love: hummmmmmm. I did Love my Ex once. It's funny how it can turn to HATE so quickly.
36) Last time hugged: When Oppie left on monday.
37) Last time scolded: Buwhahahahahahahaha. Riiiiiiiight. Nagged maybe, not scolded
38) Last time resentful: Last time I heard what the dickhead ex was upto. The LOSER!
39) Last chair sat in: I'm ALWAYS in my office chair
40) Last lipstick used: Does Chapstick or Blistex count?
41) Last underwear worn: Fruit of the loom baby!
42) Last shirt worn: One of my ratty Harley Davidson trash around the house Tee's
44) Last class attended: UM, Music Theory, VanderCook College of Music, 1991
45) Last Final taken: See above
46) Last time dancing: Seriously? I Choregraphed a Musical for A High School in Indiana back in 1991, and I had to dance then to teach the kids. For Fun? Um... my wedding 8 years ago. We never danced after that.
47) Last poster looked at: my little GW thing I have on the back of my bedroom door
48) Last concert attended: Never "attended" one. I was always in the fricking sound booth working damn it. The last time I ran the mixer board was at a Lita Ford (gag) concert in Merrillville, Indiana back in oh, 1990? Something like that.
49) Last webpage visited: Um....My DAD's!!! (rpg)

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