D's Daily Drama (fablespinner) wrote,
D's Daily Drama

Missing Artist...

Does anyone know whatever happened to Anry Nemo?
He's a fabulous russian Artist I first found in 2003 on DeviantArt http://anry.deviantart.com
He's not logged on there in 97 weeks
in fact *EVERYTHING* on this guy just STOPS in December 2003
I mean nothing new, nothing posted I've scoured google and check every single gallery he's every belonged to and THEN SOME
his website POOF gone http://anry.ru

Anyone who follows this guy too and know where he vanished to?
The only thing I found current through google was some guy with a Yahoo 360 page pretending to be Anry

I'm really hoping this guy didn't die or something, that would be so very tragic.


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