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(FANART) Nightrunner Series Alec & Seregil "Talimenios" <3

The picture that ate my soul
(and had me pulling all-nighters with obsession to get it finished)

Alec & Seregil

Mediums - 100% Digital:
Programs Used:
Manga Studio EX Professional 3.0: Sketch, Inks and Tones
Poser 6.0: Pose, Models and Props
Adobe Photoshop CS: Color and all Post work Futzing...
Wacom Intuos II 12x12 Graphic Tablet
Artist: D. Sanders (The Fablespinner)
Website: fablespinner.com

and yes shiakuu_hitome as you urged me to do (repeatedly-*grin) I posted this in otterdance's journal and I hope she likes it.
*nervous as hell EEEEEeeeeeeee They are HER characters after all.
If you want to pimp, you're more than welcome to dear.

In other news... What a week I had!
2006 is a crappy year boy howdy

Monday- Went to my Dermatologist to get some skin tags under my arms removed they've been bothering me for about 20 years, it was time to take care of them they were beginning to hurt and now they REALLY HURT (until they fall off)

On the way there to get them removed... I was in a very minor car accident. Some IDIOT thought it would be a good idea to tear out of a parking lot in his brand new Honda Prius and cut across 4 lanes of traffic.
About 5-6 cars in both directions had to all slam on their brakes to miss this moron. I was the lucky one that didn't miss. He cut right in front of me (turning left) and I *JUST* clipped his back bumper. I have minor scuffs on the front driver's side bumper and a small crack in the headlight casing. No dents and lights still all work it was VERY MINOR cosmetic damage to my car and NO ONE got hurt thankfully. The A$$ who almost caused a pile up didn't even stop, took the freeway on ramp that was right there and was GONE. The car was all dark charcoal and the windows tinted so no one saw the driver or even what gender they were. But I have witness and my insurance is good so all is fine there.

Tuesday I had to go to the specialist for a reevaluation of my Whooping Cough. Saw Dr. Nguyen and I am still on Temp Disability from work until at least November 3rd. I still have a nasty cough (If I'm not on the meds that turn me into a walking zombie.)

I'm no longer communicable so going in public is SAFE it's just because of my already screwed up pulmonary system this cough will linger and linger and linger and talking just magnifies the problem. Until I can talk without going into coughing fits off meds I'm off phones. Thankfully I'm getting temporary disability so I'm not flat broke and I can still go to the con. If you see me acting weird (Well odder than normal) it's the meds folks... they make me act drunk. I cannot drive on them so I'll be off them to drive there and back (Like I was both Monday and Tuesday so I could drive to the doctors.) So I'll cough my ass off all the way there and all the way back. But during con, if I'm staggering around like I've had one too many, you'll know why. O_o

Wednesday (Today) - The lawn guys totally hacked my orange tress and oleanders! You do not take hedge trimmers to ORANGE TREES BEARING FRUIT YOU ASSWIPES! You're not supposed to prune them at all!!! Just like they screwed up my Japanese maple trees by topping them with hedge cutters (making my TREES grow like BUSHES now ) they did the same to my ORANGE TREES!!! The lady at the Office said... get this... "We'll bring you a box of oranges" THAT'S NOT THE POINT LADY! Hire ENGLISH SPEAKING WORKERS SO I CAN GIVE THEM DIRECTIONS SO THEY STOP HACKING MY YARD UP! If I give them any sort of direction, they just smile and nod at me. They can't understand a bloody word I say.

Today is Mom's Birthday, I took her out to Chili's for lunch and met my Dad and Shawn there. (It's nice Dad and 'Baby bro' are bosses where they work, they had a long lunch man!) CCI was without their Senior Customer Service Manager and Assistant manager while we all ate fajitas and salmon (I know bad sounding combo... Mom had the fish... :P) I embarrassed the hell out of her by getting the staff to sing her happy birthday and bring her a diabetic no-no (Chocolate shake). Which showed up about 3 seconds before I paid our CHECK. So we all just took a sip and left it there. We were all too FULL. Shawn took all the leftovers home for Gen and the kids (They weren't there. Gen had to get ready to go to work.)

After lunch we hit Bed, Bath & Beyond and got some canisters because our pantry was overrun with ANTS this morning. We had to take EVERYTHING OUT, clean, fumigate and then find the source.... They liked the bag of sugar we had in there. So hopefully now that it's in an airtight canister we'll not have a re-occurrence.

After we got canisters, we hit Dress Barn and I got a few LOVELY mandarin-cut tunics. Oh so pretty so have some new tops for the con.

We got Sundaes on the way home.

Found my cat on top of the pavilion/gazebo I built in the backyard... Stuck and mewing her head off at me... "Bitch come get me DOWN!"

She keeps getting UP THERE but can't get down again. Stupid Cat! If she was'nt so damn CUTE I'd wring her little neck.

That's just Monday - Wednesday... Please let's have a CALM Thursday and Friday!!!


On a Cute note... Aeris (My runt Niece) is on a "Superman" kick. Shawn is about a bitTorrent fiend as I am and of course he has Superman already...

Aeris LOVES IT... So she goes to Shawn. "FLY ME DADDY!" and she's such a little DRAMA QUEEN and totally in character in Heroic stiff poses. You can't laugh or you'll drop her! LOL.
She's going as Superman for Halloween (Not Super GIRL!! No.. Super MAN!) An almost Three year old with Gender issues already! LOL.

Luke is going as ROBIN the Boy Wonder (The boy tornado! OMG Just turned One and he's already terrible.) His only saving grace is his grin (Of the shit eating variety.) He makes me sooooo tired.
I pity Shawn and Gen... we only Babysit occasionally. Grandma, Big Daddy, and Aunt Dana only have five or six hours or so a month... It takes a month to recover after Luke is here.

Aeris - NO PROBLEM (Never was. She's very content to be lost in her imagination.)
Luke? Tactile hurricane.

And I am soooooo getting THIS: Spark art Easel
For Aeris for Christmas! I want one of those damn it! Soooo cool.

Okay Life update El-completo!

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