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More Progress Made

And I'm dead....

Got Favorites installed and polls and the gallery is 100% moved and reinstalled...
To Do list:
1.) Figure out how to move my insane sized prolific library without suffering an aneurysm
2.) Debate weather or not to install a forum (Maybe a poll to decide?)
3.) eat chocolate because I'm PMSing.... Maybe that should be #1-#10
4.) Finish my Yaoi-Con art show pieces... perhaps that should be #1

Feedback and comments from the peanut gallery always appreciated.

On Personal Carjacking Update:
They found the car and arrested 5 men.
The car was wrecked in a high speed police chase in Tulare.
We don't know the extent of the damages, but five men piled out of the car, all armed
all arrested and being held in Jail right now.

Our next door Neighbors Tom and Kathy are both in Law school (Tom is already a professor over at the College, he's gone back to school because his wife wanted to....)
They are itching to come with us to the trial (no CLUE when that will even be yet.)

That's all so far. But at least they found my dad's car and arrested the fucktards. (Insurance will handle damages.)
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