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The Follwoing Tides Series *** IN PRINT!!!!!!***

I feel like a kid at christmas having something of mine in Print....
Even if I pritned it myself, it's a proper book!


It's a big fat 400 page paperback (Well 368 pages close enough)
I'm going to have some to sell at Yaoi-Con but if you're not going, you can by the book though lulu direct if you would like.

I know a lot of you have badgered and urged me to put my books in print, I did it at last and thank you all for supporting me so much, you all make me cry with your kindness to me.
I love you all and I'm sooooo happy to see this in print.

The Book is here:

Front Cover image here: http://www.fablespinner.com/pics/followingtidesfront.png

Also the full color art book is also printed and I have 6 copies left (I'm going to have to print more for the con)
If you want your copy before the con The price is $20.00 and that includes the shipping within the USA ... $25.00 out of the US)
paypal to fablespinner@fablespinner.com with a note in the comments where to ship to and the quantity ordered.

Cover Art Here: http://www.fablespinner.com/pics/vol1.jpg

Books, books and more books.... Heaven must be a big border's cafe with a huge alternative lifestyle section in the sky, surely.

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