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Quickie Update

She's not dead!

But boy do I feel like death warmed over. The Surgery is also only half done. Which means I get to go through all of this AGAIN next week.

They did the bottom only, and they DID NOT PUT ME TO SLEEP!

I begged, I pleaded, I had a minor panic attack, and I still had to go through all of that 100% conscious.

And I get to do it again Monday.

< sarcasm >YIPPEE!< /sarcasm >

Just a few notes to a few people before I go lay back down.

herophelia Thank you a million times for all your help this weekend. Even though it was a bit boring, and I was more than a little bitchy. (My only excuse being it was hard selling everything I own under the sun. And there are people worse off than me so I have no excuse. I'm sorry.)

Also! You left your pills. As soon as I can sit up without a headache, I'll mail them to you.

vr2lbast I got your request, again as soon as I can sit down for any length of time, I'll get these out to you ASAP

I'll get to the Wolf's Rain RPG when I can think past pain. The same with the ttdsdg rpg. Matty and Toboe are down for the count.

any one of my friends left that I've forgotten, I'm sorry. I'm hurting a lot!

My new Futon got here, so I'm no longer sleeping on the floor. And I'm going to go break it in and take more pain meds and pass out.

I did not think it would hurt this much, my entire jaw feels broken, my head is on perpetual migraine mode.

I get dizzy sitting up for long, so I'm off, just thought I'd let everyone know I wasn't dead, just severely out of it in a BIG WAY, and will be for a while I guess.

Where's the Motrin?

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