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Vacation Pictures and Movies...

There are just so many pictures and Movies, I'm not going to caption each one beyond the title of the image...

Just a qucik family history... Those of you who have read the footnotes in my Fic: "The Bartlick Boys" know a lot of this history already
Our Family Reunion centers around Lot and Eura Counts and their decendants...
Lot was a yellow poplar log runner and Eura was the camp cook, they met when she was 16 and they married...
(The yellow poplar is now extinct in that region, it's all been cut down)
These were my Great-Grandparents..
The had MANY children, their sons are all dead, but 16 years ago the remaining daughters
(in birth order) Ada, Edna, Mary, Bonnie (My grandmother), Sally, and Evelyn
decided to start this yearly reunion tradition and we all gather in the Breaks Interstate National Park (It crosses the Kentucky/Virginia Borders hence INTERSTATE Park)
Thankfully, Mary's eldest Son, Carl Ray, is the superintendent of the Park so getting a really good spot and hotel rooms are fairly easily.
It helps that the "big Boss" of the place is my mother's first cousin... Hee hee

So the first Saturday of July is our Reunion...
and man, the FOOD ALONE is to die for, let alone seeing everyone again.
There are pics from the reunion in this folder as well as specific pictures I took in my Grandma's Holler...
Toms Bottom Holler in Bartlick, Just outside of Haysi Virginia is where my Fic "The Bartlick Boys" takes place
and I mention in it all these places.

I finally got a chance to go back and visit so this time I had the digital camera with me...
I took lots of pictures and some Quick Time Movies of the area for those of you interested...

(All the pictures are loaded. I'm uploading the movies now, they may take awhile or may be incomplete if they don't play, check back later while they load.)

Remember to read the file names to know what you're looking at, that's all the caption you're gonna get...
if you want further explanation of anything, copy the file in your response and I'll give you more details on what you're looking at if you'd like.



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