D's Daily Drama (fablespinner) wrote,
D's Daily Drama

Crit Forum

This is NOT a Y!G type gallery folks.

YaoiArtists.com is a forum for SERIOUS ARTISTS for Critique.

Spubba, beechan2, and I once upon a time ran a very successful Yahoo!Group called bishart.

It was a fabulous tool to help improve all aspects of your art but due to Yahoo's increasing spam and such the list was put to pasture and it's finally been properly resurrected.

virginreaper e-mailed me last night on a similar concept and it kick-started me into getting this back up and running again.

It's in it's bare bones stages, but it is up and running and accepting new members finally.

So please come on over if you're SERIOUS about improvement in a peer-to-peer purely educational environment.

If you cannot handle honest feedback designed for improment and only want "IT LOOKS COOL" kind of feedback, this is NOT the group for you.

We opened it as a proper forum as opposed to a club on Y!G because the club feature there just isn't as flexible as a full fledged forum environment and the clubs there allow non-members to post non-constructive feeback.

So please come and join and let's all IMPROVE TOGETHER!

Y!G is our finished Gallery for mass feedback and still a wonderful place and we are NOT in competition. This is just a FORUM remember.

YaoiArtists.com is just our place to GET SERIOUS!

BTW... you're more than welcome to pass on the link to other artists here if you think they'd be interested.


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