D's Daily Drama (fablespinner) wrote,
D's Daily Drama

Life giveth and taketh away....


First you giveth JOY

We have this real OLDIES station, like 1940's-1950's Mitch Miller Orchestra cheesy stuff.

I love it. Because I'm a real corn ball like that!

On the way home they first played one of my favorite old 1954 Stan Fregberg Comedies "St. George and the Dragon"

then the great joy fades when they immediately follow it with my #1 most detested, make my ears bleed in three notes monty, song of all time!


I frigging HATE that bloody instrumental with a passion that defies all scope and reason.


Because, harken back to early 1980's, when keyboards were made affordable to everyday people, ya know, the cheesy ones that came with "swipe cards" that gave a rhtym and background tracks in god awful midi chord rinky-tinky music and then lit up the keys so people could learn to play the songs?

Here is the 10 year old version of myself, for the next SEVERAL YEARS listening to my mother try and learn to play fucking YELLOW BIRD on that peice of shit Yamaha!

DIE YELLOW BIRD DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That song couldn't wait to come on BEFORE i got home? NO!?

Three bars is enough to make me scream and dive for the change station buttons.

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