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(FIC) Deceptive Beauty

Deceptive Beauty

The world of Holst was a wild and untamed land full of dangers from the skies, the land and the seas. The only protection the people had were the ones called Wielders, those few men born with the talent to wield the magic of the land to protect and shelter. ..

This tale goes back before the other stories in this series, during the time when the laws were firmly in place and all Male Wellsprings were taken to the Temples and Parents fined for failure to give up their sons. This is the Story of Wielder Cole and Wellspring Umi and the Extreme lengths Wielder Ulgar went to to spare his son from the law and keep his beloved child close to heart...

Category: Originals > Wielders and Wellsprings
Characters: COLE, UMI
Genres: Romance, Fantasy, GLBT (Yaoi/Slash/Shounen Ai, Yuri, etc...), Sap/Waff
Rating: R
Chapters: 5
Published: March 04 2006
Completed: Yes



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Mar. 5th, 2006 06:51 am (UTC)
You spoil us! XD *goes on to read* (There's nothing better than awakening to find a new story to read, and having the time to read it right away.)

Best wishes to you. <3
Mar. 5th, 2006 12:14 pm (UTC)
Thanks! and I got your comments over on the site.
Goodness if I wrote all the details these wouldn't be semi-short stories but full blown novels.


I do try to leave a lot of things for readers imaginations, let them see in their minds whatever adventure they wish.

I like tying the common threads together but leaving gaps in the tapestry to be filled with the reader's threads if that makes sense.

I'm going further back in History Currently and Writing Perdain and Tarnack's story, what precisely happened that snowballed into the laws that sentenced male wellsprings to utter hell for far too long.

I've mentioned Perdain and Tarnack in several of the stories as part sof history and legend but never elaborated beyond the fact that the law was created to get Perdain out of the line of succession...

Nothing ever mentioned on Tarnack the man and who he was as a wielder either. Just that he bonded to Perdain which freed him from the Temple. You get his story and history here too, what sort of man he was, where he came from, his point of view during the initial uphevel when the law was created and male wellsprings were considered to be anathema and excommunicated from humanity and imprisoned in the temples and literally stripped of thier basic human rights. etc...

This one is a lot deeper and shows a very dark side to Holst and the Monarchy that far preceeded King Gerdar's time.

Even Wielders can be corrupt sometimes, especially where government and political machinations are concerned.

You heard a few times (mainly from Goh bitching) that King Fenderack (Perdain's Brother) was considered a "butcher" and considered the worst king ever to sit on Holst's throne. You get to see how truly psychopathic and malicious he truly was and How thier father contributed to not only Fenderack's behavior but ultimately sealed his own fate right along with Perdain's.

It's betrayal and jealousy at it's very WORST that, as you already know from reading the other stories in this series, had extremely far reaching brutal and devastating consequences.

And that's all I'm telling you, I don't want to give you anymore. If I go any farther we're getting into spoilers of plot details.

Mar. 5th, 2006 07:53 am (UTC)
there's nothing like a nice story to perk you up when you're feeling woogy! Thank you! I sorta commented all over it?^^
Mar. 5th, 2006 12:20 pm (UTC)
I saw!


Thank you! xoxoxo

Have you read the others in the series? You can read them in one of two ways.

Either in Order how I wrote them
My Gentle Strength
In the Eye of the Tempest
Dragonhead and Dragonheart
Shipwrecked in Stormy Eyes
Deceptive Beauty

or you can read them in Timeline Historical Order:

Deceptive Beauty
In the Eye of the Tempest
My Gentle Strength
Shipwrecked in Stormy Eyes
Dragonhead and Dragonheart

Reading them in any other order might be confusing because you'll REALLY be jumping around all over the place in history.

As written the jumps are tied together and if read in historical order will flow... out of those two orders might get a little wonky and disrupt flow.

They all stand alone, but all the characters and events do tie together in ways not necessarily obvious at first.


The New one I'm working on is actually historically the FIRST...
The catalyst for all the others that has been mentioned in them all thusfar but never elaborated on fully in detail... Now you're getting the dark side of Holst's history in all it's ugly glory.


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