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Long time no entry...

Wow life has been BUSY....
I'm doing so much more at work on top of my CSA duties now.
I'm doing well there, I got recognized for the third quarter in a row in the top 30% which is a nice $250 buck bonus on my paycheck
if they can GET ME MY PAYCHEK ever.
They switched over to ADP check systems in January and now my paychecks in the mail are consistently 4-5 business days LATE
my last one was 8 Business days (That's 10 days counting weekends) O_o late on top of me having to call them to get it at all!
Yesterday was payday, was my check in the mail? Nope
Was it in today's mail? Nope.

I really fucking hate ADP.

I was gonna take caro_t out to dinner for Valentine's Day because she sent me such beautiful flower to work that just made my whole day, and of course I had no FUCKING MONEY. I'd been on the phone with ADP and my Employeer for HOURS trying to even FIND where they mailed my check and because I had my wallet out in order to give them my Driver's license info etc... and I was still on the phone as I was driving to meet her, I left my goddamn wallet on my desk.

I feel like such a retard, all my credit cards at home. I am so spoiling you rotten on your next day off Carolyn I swear to make up for that total cock-up of a dinner date.

I Got in the mail today a hilareous anti-Valentine from mortegami thanks hon!

Yesterday at work, I spent 4 fucking hours drawing a lifesize Harley-Davidson in our office Cafeteria for the're March of Dimes "Bikers for Babies" drive.

OMFG working in lifesize scale on butcher paper and crayola pencils (Which is all they had for supplies) is a PAIN IN THE ASS!
I have no idea how people paint murals on building walls, working in such scale is so fucking hard!


They're having me do all sorts of art projects now and I used to do them at home, with my own supplies beaucse I thought (Stupidly) that once or twice as a favor was no problem
When they are asking me several times a week now? They can fucking PAY ME to do it, BUY THEIR OWN SHIT, and take me off the phone to do it on COMPANY TIME and not my PRIVATE TIME.

When I said this and they wen't "OKAY" I cheered.
Then I found out they wanted a fucking Motorcycle... DO you see me drawing machinery folks? My cubilce is covered in anime MEN, PEOPLE... not
Thank god I had an old catalog from Custom Chrome where I used to work for visual reference.

On top of these projects, since my customer survey audits always come in @ 100% accuracy/approval rating I've been coming off the phones more and more to sit with other CSAs (I plug into their phones with them at thier desks and do a live audit)

I'm basically going around teaching people common fucking sense. How to be POLITE, how to phrase their wording better, how to sound more confident, how to sound like they GIVE A SHIT WHEN THEY DON'T. ya know, GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE!

I feel like a babysitter and sometimes just SHIT MYSELF listening to some of these people on the phone.
I also do Silent Monitoring, which means I "tap" into their phone and secretly listen and evaluate so my presence doesn't disturb them, make them nervous or put them on "good behavior"

OMFG!!!! O_o

Be glad I'm not your boss people and I'm only taking my notes to you direct for feedback (And giving a copy of my notes to your direct manager)
So bad. I'd have fired two people for sheer CHEEK and NERVE the other day.
Rude, Nasty, condesending, interuppting the Provider/Member on the phone, etc... Horrible.

I take my job seriously, I don't fuck about. I am there to comfort, take care of, listen to, and fix problems. Of course people are not calling in when things went RIGHT, they call when things on their end went WTF? and they are sometimes just confused at a statement, sometimes they got turned into collections by a provider who made the mistake and didn't adjust their bill with the discount or actual post our payment. It happens. Bookkeeping errors happen all the time. It's my job to figure out first...

Is there actually a problem or is is just a break down in communication?
If there is a problem, where is it coming from? Health Insurance side, Provider side, or on the Member's side?
If it's US, I send it to have it fixed

If the MEMBER made the error, I will take however long it needs to educate the member how to read thier EOB's, what their benefits are, HOW they are supposed to by that Wheelchair in the Future, Wal-mart DIscount DME is not a provider of service. Etc...

If you actually take the time, and give a shit about people there is no problem and they leave with GOOD SERVICE and are HAPPY and YOU LEAVE with getting soild rankings on your audits.

Making some people understand what customer service actually is though is a pain in my ass. No one has a decent work ethic in California, and if they DO, they are all transplants from other states or are a very rare breed. As much as I love California, natives rarely give a shit about their jobs.

In other news I am FUCKING SORE!
I have 2 free Private Trainer Lessons with my Gym Membership and I had one on Tuesday...
Wednesday night I couldn't fucking MOVE my thighs were (AND STILL ARE!!) on Fire.
I only did a range of motion type lesson, where he had me do all sorts of things like a half dozen squats, and things I have no idea what they are called but involved my legs.


Good news is, my actual Body Fat Index is Normal for my age. 20-29% is normal and I'm at 28%
so I'm JUST overweight and only around my middle so that's what we're targeting and bring down that percentage to the low end of normal.

If I can get energy to go back to the Gym... OWWWIE MOMMY!


Loved Brendan a lot I might pay extra to keep him around (Nice that he was also an ENT and understood my medical concerns too. Nice bonus)

I am behind on all my art projects, I'm so damn tired with all my extra work this month (and last month too) it;s not funny.
Medicare D is a crock of shit and blew up all over the place. Providers and Insurance carriers are really getting hit hard with all the messes it caused.
We were all preapred (We thought), and then WHAM problems that NO ONE could have predicted came up all over the place.
Our hold times for Pharmacy calls are outrageous and we have ADDED 100 CSA just in our call center alone to handle medicare D callers...
still not enough. We're one of the lesser affected companies too because we tried to staff for the changes this year.

Our hold time is about 20-30 minutes. (And yes, I hold all that time too if I have to transfer you to pharmacy and you piss me off when you hang up after I told you and begged you not to and explained and apologized for the wait and assured you I'd get you connected and pass on all your info so you did not have to repeat it again, RAWR)

Blue Cross I hear has hold times over an hour and PacificCare was 45-90 minutes


Okay enough bitching I guess and I'm sure I have a ton of typos above and I give a shit at the moment to go back and proof it.
I've had to fast for 18 hours to have a CPEPTIDE test today and I'm back from the doctor and I;m HUNGRY and dinner is ready.

Until I have more news, Toodles!
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