D's Daily Drama (fablespinner) wrote,
D's Daily Drama

Rules of the Road

Dear Driver of the Brand New Mustang,

That lane leading to the freeway otherwise known as an ON RAMP, has another more technically accurate name often found in a sixteen-year-old driver's education manual. It is called an ACCELERATION LANE. This means, oh driver of little intelligence, that you are supposed to push down that little skinny pedal to the far right, often called the GAS PEDAL but also has a technically more appropriate name, the ACCLERATION PEDAL. See the fantastic correlation here?

Now then, since you obviously skipped your driver's ed class that explained these two things, let me give you a crash course.

When turning onto the acceleration lane, you are supposed to push down on the acceleration pedal and accelerate to the speed of the other cars already on the freeway. By the end of the lane you should be within 5 miles of your target speed so you may join traffic and not cause back-ups, accidents, etc...

This lane is not for you to meander down, mosey along or take a stroll to look at the dead flowers on the side of the road.

When you do this, every car behind you is swearing at you to speed up.

The cars on the freeway have to swerve around you to avoid colliding with your brand new mustang.

You fucking retard.

If you are that afraid of your new vehicle which is quite capable of obtaining 60MPH in a matter of seconds, then perhaps you should not OWN ONE.

The only vehicles allowed to be slow ass mother fuckers on freeway on-ramps are semi-trucks. They are already pushing pedal to metal, they just can't accelerate quickly.

You, brand new mustang need to stick to surface streets since the concept of freeway rules elude you.

Thank you,
The Driver of the Sephia behind you who could have beat your ass in a drag race with the way you Drive.

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