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I SO JUST ABUSED THIS NEW LJ FEATURE! ... and plan on abusing it at my will! Muwhahahaha.
I so get off on this cheesy shit and I wanted to abuse it for all of you...
But only so much bankola at once can be blown at a time, crap. I wanna be rich man, so many fantastic friends and limited funds suck. *le sigh*

And Please don't go running off to check your user pages... Nothing will show for any of you yet....
Valentines don't go out until 02.14.06 (and that gives me time to get more sent too!) ^_^

As much as I personally detest this holiday for personal reasons I've ranted about in the past and won't rant in this post...

I still like the "sending to others" part of it..... I even passed out Cheesy Harry Potter Kiddie Valentines with candy to everyone at work to prove what a huge DORK I am in public.


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