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Meet my Mary Sue Alias: (all durberville's fault)

Name: Giselle Worthington-Smythe (Hoity-Toity British Chick at yer service)
Eyes: Swirling Azure (Captain Video Eat your heart out! LOOK INTO MY EYES!)
Hair: Abundant Titian (What color is this????? Never heard of Titian)
Signature Scent: Passionate Night-Blossom (In other words, I stink like a Cosmo Magazine)
Paranormal Power: Astral Projection (cool!)
Specialized Skill: Astrophysicist (Hey I sense a Trend here!)
Distinguishing Mark: Flawless Skin (Bitchin' my daily Oil of Olay is working!)
Relationship to a Major Character: Spike's Favorite Musician (Oh... I can do torch room Jazz... Jessica Rabbit, eat my shorts!)

What's your inner fangirl? Take the test!

Uh, okay. Whatever you say I guess.

Tsumei. A bad boy rebel who's moody and sometimes
cold, but he'll always have a fire for the one
he has chosen-which, of course is you, and
woman you love to feel the burn.

Your Eternal Wolf's Rain Mate Is...
brought to you by Quizilla

MMMMMMMMMMMMMM. better and better

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