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(PIC) Brotherly Bonds

I doubt anyone but Saishi has read this but here's a Christmas Image to go along with my last fiction post "Brotherly Bonds"

What better way to Usher in the season than with Pretty Elven, Brother-cest, and cock?

Curbain (The Braided-One) is the Elder Brother by 10 years (Mage)
Rhys is the Younger (Healer)

So yes, eyes are not fooling you... Curbain who is most definitely EWE to Rhys' RAM and Rhys seems in the mood this holiday season... NO? ~_^

Their Story is found here: Brotherly Bonds

Happy Yuletide Everyone!

In other News, we got the christmas stuff up this weekend, and AERIS AND LUKE will be here christmas Day!


I love spending holidays with Babies!

Dad already has the Santa Suit ready man!
I'll take LOTS and LOTS of pictures!

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