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Books, Books and more Books

If I'm unavailable for the next week, you now know why. I got my Borders order today in the mail, I have five new novels and I'm going to enjoy every word!


So far I like "Gaywyck" by Vincent Virga. It's sort of Jane Eyre meets Queer as Folk, I'm about 70 pages in and it does read like Jane Eyre, but with pretty Femme Boy Hero, meets Tall, Dark and Handsome slightly older man who's his boss.

It's total unreality, it's a Victorian faerie tale, I like escapism.

Set in 1899, at the end of the Victorian Era and coming into Modern times, I'm interested where this is going. I'll properly review this when I have more than 70 pages to base opinion on. Vincent is HIGHLY influenced by the classics. And he Quotes Whitman Poems a lot like these:
... By the love of comrades,
By the manly love of comrades...
...The dear love of man for his comrade, the
attraction of friend for friend...

He also Quotes from the Poems "When I Heard at the Close of Day" and "Are You the New Person Drawn Toward Me?"

Eh, I like Whitman, not overly keen on Poetry at all, but I can tolerate Whitman.

And there is something there if you open your eyes and read in-between the lines.

So if you need me, CALL ME. I'll be checking in sporadically at best. I tend to devour books, It'll take me about a week (4-5 days) to read all these so I'll be back soon.

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