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Dear LJ Staff,

I am not getting response post notifications from LJ sent to my e-mail.


Get your server move sorted out dingleberries!
Hello, I pay for this shit here. I'd like to know when people are talking to me without having
to remember to go and check my own posts for responses.

Thank you,

Annoyed D


In other news
70,465 / 50,000

72,877 / 50,000

I didn't get much done yesterday... Too tired.
But I'm pretty confident to reach my 100,000 over the weekend.

And Damn, I must be horny as fuck or something equally as Freudian, this sequel is hot shit in places and I've gone passed all my personal road blocks with trying to be really open minded and push myself to write something I haven't before.

Brother-cest, Group sex, bsdm/bondage... (These all being consensual and without giving away plot, workable. not human incest here. That's still way outside my box.)

I only mention the Non-con and don't go into detail, that's still waaaaay outside my comfort zones
I can only move out so far before I end up wanting to suck my thumb and get all fetal.
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