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Scared SHITLESS...

The new Virus "SARS" has just been confirmed that it is a communicable *AND* an airborne virus that can live an extremely long time on inanimate objects, it has killed 54 people so far.

Why am I so worried? I am INSANELY susceptible to respiratory infections, a simple allergic reaction while I was coming down with a case of pneumonia almost KILLED ME on 12-8-99.

It put me in a coma and on life support and respirators for 3 weeks, with a 30% chance of survival rate for 10 days of that. 50/50 the next 5 and 70/30 until I came around the bend, then I had 10 months of recovery after that.

If I catch this new virus, it WILL kill me. No ifs and or buts, the stats for people like me that have contracted this new virus. 54 deaths to 0 survivors.

This scares the living HELL out of me, dear GOD let them find a cure fast before this virus hits the USA. If it hits here, I'm dead fucking meat.

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