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NaNoWriMo Update

31,247 / 50,000


35,853 / 50,000

I'm cranking! Go me! Whoo!

“Well, we’ve put this off long enough. The sun has been up about a half hour so we should get moving. Sai will you take down your nasty hedge so we can see what’s out there?” Calum asked and the thorns returned to the earth.

Everyone froze except Abaisha who sobbed and raced outside. There crucified was a body of a woman, her eyes open in cold terror, her abdomen looked like she had swallowed a lit explosive. “Kaisha! KAISHA!” Abaisha wailed as he raced out to her dead body, Rocky right on his heals.

Abaisha was struggling to get her body down when Rocky and Calum pulled him away and they magically removed her from her bindings and lowered her to the ground. Abaisha held the cold body to his chest, rocking back and forth sobbing hysterically. Rocky laid his arm around his shoulders and reached over to close the woman’s eyes.

“Kaisha, oh Kaisha.” Abaisha was devastated as he held her and wept.

Calum knelt in front of Abaisha and laid his hand over the woman’s heart. “By the power vested in me by the crown. As Lord and Heir to the House of Jeansai and Knight of the Realm of Xanadu. I vow to avenge you and stop those who did this to you. May the Maker bless your immortal soul and may you find paradise in the next life.” Calum said gravely looking to Rocky.

::His sister. They were very close as we are.:: Rocky sent telepathically as not to disturb Abaisha’s grief.

Gawen walked over holding a parchment that had been left on the ground and silently handed it to Calum before kneeling with Abaisha.

“My brother. Let me send her to her rest.” Gawen said softly but unyielding as he gently pried her body out of Abaisha’s arms.

“Let her go beloved.” Rocky said taking Abaisha’s hands in his as he reached for his sister. He just turned defeated into Rocky’s arms and wept.

Gawen laid the body down and waited for Abaisha to look up again. The loss etched painfully in his eyes. “May fire purify and may your ashes return to the earth from whence you were born.” Gawen said as the body ignited in a white hot blaze.

Abaisha wailed in grief and Rocky held him tightly as he shared his mate’s grief and then over-powering anger. “I’ll fecking kill you all with my own two bloody hands! You hear me?! I’ll hunt every last one of you bastards down until I die!” Abaisha screamed into the air, his eyes turning hard and cold. This was stone cold murderous rage, the one thing that made Drows and Enf’ Tuvalu different.

In the history of the fair folk, long before man. The Enf’ Tuvalu had been one race, that had divided and warred for many years. The Drows had separated themselves from their brothers. The Dark race of Enf’ Tuvalu had one trait that set them apart. Blood lust. For a long and dark period in pre history, the Drow had lived for sacrifice and blood rituals. Living and serving dark leaders and becoming severed from the rest of faerie kind, always thirsting for the rush and thrill that only blood and death gave to them. However, over time people change, people evolve and leaders come and go. They still had the instinct and the bloodlust, but had grown to be the masters of their own emotions and instincts and had grown to rule them and not be ruled by them and had once again been accepted back into Xanadu. Counted as one of the races of Enf’ Tuvalu once more.

Abaisha’s lust for revenge washed over everyone, not just Rocky. His anger and his hatred swelled, his icy blue eyes glowed with feral rage. His love for his sister and her brutal death fueling his inner fire. “Abaisha! CONTROL YOUR RAGE!” Rocky shouted and Abaisha turned to him with an uncharacteristic sneer on his face.


Rocky reached out and slapped Abaisha hard across the check. “Listen to yourself! No, that is not my sister, but it could have been and still may be if I do not carry on with my task! More sisters and more mothers die every day and we will save them without resorting to the same dark roads that hunt them! If you succumb to rage and blood lust you are no better than the beasts that did this! Control your instincts or be controlled by them and become the monster you seek to destroy!” Rocky said and Abaisha glared at him, anger flaring in his eyes.

“I will become what I must.” Abaisha’s voice was cold and Rocky loomed over him and gripped his shoulders so hard Abaisha winced with pain.

“And leave me behind? Am I so worthless to you you’d forsake your shacah for the darkness? Are you that heartless? Would you kill me too in your quest for vengeance?” Rocky asked, his own voice cold and Abaisha turned from hate to fear.

Abaisha could only sob, Rocky had broken through the blind rage and all that was left was empty and aching sorrow. Rocky held him close. “Beloved, we fight together not against each other. United we face these demons and send them back to hell where they belong for the right reasons. To protect others, not for vengeance and revenge, but to avenge. It is a fine line we walk between the light and the dark. We must not slip or all is lost.” Rocky said softly steering Abaisha over to a large boulder to sit and purge his sorrow.

Calum watched his brother with pride. He was so much like their father is was staggering. The healer of all wounds, physically and mentally. Rocky could mend anything from a broken toe to a broken soul. He made Calum very proud to call him not only brother, but friend.

“I’m sorry, but we cannot delay. We are losing light.” Calum said softly holding up the parchment.

“We rule the night, and our numbers grow stronger. Mother of the night we leave as a sign of things to come.” Calum read ripping up the letter and letting the pieces burn in the funeral pyre.

“They were here but did not linger. I see no signs of them investigating our shields just left letter and gone.” Gawen said and Calum nodded.

“Aye, they came no where near, I’d have felt them otherwise and you would have sensed them. My barrier warps perception, they didn’t even see anything but dark empty houses. Not even Saioshi’s thorns. Only another mage would have even sensed my shields.” Calum said pulling on his pack.

“And we need to move, I want to get as much distance between us and this place as we can, we have to get that hilt and we are running out of time.” Saioshi said pulling on his back.

Rocky and Abaisha stood together and Abaisha’s face was firm but not filled with the same rage as before, just conviction. “Let’s move!” Abaisha said grabbing his pack and shrugging over his shoulders. Rocky did the same.

“Then let’s go.” He said and all five men walked on swift feet north. Their journey and their purpose clear, their front united against the darkness.
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