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Meme stolen from my flist

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1) Would beechan2 and lrodell make a good couple?  It would be interesting....
2) What would you do if kimmy_kun died? Jesus christ, what sort of question is THAT?!?!? CRY of course
3) Is storm_maven friends with ashkitty?  I think so...
4) Do lrodell and velvet_ropes go to the same school?  Nope
5) If klingonpoo and hygelakthedread were siamese twins, where would they be joined?  Oh man.... you do NOT want me to answer that.... BAD D! BAD D!
6) Does suzume_sparrow travel a lot? Across Country for BOI Pr0n counts!
7) Which of your friends should caerfree go out with? ME! ME ME ME ME ME!!!!
8) Where would ponderosa121 most like to visit? anywhere but home...
9) Does kelroni smoke? Nope, just my second hand
10) What is themscarecrows's favorite band/artist? er..... Milli Vanilli? Not a clue!
11) Do you think thevirginreaper is hot? Oh yes.... and she triggers all my protective mommy genes
12) Would you wrestle jo_mako in jello? I think we've done that already!
13) If minkmix were hanging off a cliff, what would kiri_moth do?  Use her magical boobehs as flotation devices
14) Does ponderosa121 have a dog? Cats I think
15) If twitchylizard had a superpower, what would it be? Super Mad Computer Skills of DOOM! SHe will save D from her own stupidity!
16) Does nightambre do drugs? I'd HOPE not... (Other than the stuff the doc gives her)
17) What color should chancellor_wu dye their hair? BLUE!
18) Does raighne know spubba?  Nope
19) If aka_anonymous took over the world, who would suffer? Bigots
20) Is koo dead sexy? No clue not seen her, but her husband is... lucky woman!
21) siosan's eye color? Brown I think
22) What comic book character would luckykitty be? The super kitty side kick of Kit Fancy
23) Is hygelakthedread popular? Probably as much as I am... (Geeks unite!)
24) If thevirginreaper and koo were spliced together, what would be its name?  KINKY!
25) How long have you known iluvikarishinji? about 3 years
26) Would you ever date babspace? I think her sig O would object
27) Is jessieshockey single? I think so....
28) Would caerfree and ashkitty look good together?  Yes, but better with *ME*
29) What is twitchylizard's favorite color? Er.... I'm so not witty today.... Blue?
30) Would forsakenwk go out with kiri_moth?  Long distance relationships never work
31) Is jo_mako introverted or extroverted? HAHAHAHAHA Her belly button is the only thing on her introverted!!!!
32) What animal does arana_suteshi remind you of? A cat
33) Is herophelia your best friend? One of them yes
34) Have you flirted with storm_maven? Probably, I have no shame
35) Has arana_suteshi been to your house/dorm? Nope.
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