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Con Report

I made it through the con and the subsequent long ass drive home in one peice.

The condensed Version of my weekend:
Wednesday: Got in and settled, no biggie
Thursday I already posted about really.
Friday: a blur of more hugs and kisses and camping out in the lobby with sketch books and being fangirly with friends.

Saturday: spubba, thevirginreaper and I got a decent booth in the Fan Market and we hocked art like 2 bit snake oil salesmen... Okay *I* did that, they are more civilized and humble there than I am. I'd drop my pants in public without batting an eye if you paid me.... LOL I have Noooooooooooooooooooo shame.
Saturday night we played cranium in the lobby and caerfree's team kicked everyone's asses, even if we were interuppted every five damn seconds. *note* it's much more fun playing that game with just our normal group of idiots than having a ton of total strangers I wanted to throttle for being immature boobies (even more immature than I can act when given my head, but I'm more snarky sarcastic when I'm on a role I guess.)

After that I eneded up back in my room with vr2lbast and a gaggle of her friends and we played the sexy fandom version of "CLUE" that bast made.... Trieze was doing Zechs in the billard room with anal beads I think was the outcome of that.... :PPPP

Sunday:  Got up at ass crack of dawn to pack up my laptop and haul all my shit downstairs for spubba's Advanced CG panel... Holy hell do you need more than an hour for that. I'd have sat all day just to suck info out of spub's brain... Oh wait... I do that now via the phone, other's aren't so lucky. Spubba gave away a brand new copy of Poser5 as a door prize, I got to give it away and DUDE I thought the first person would have gotten the answer!

I said "Pick a number between 1-100" and then just started pointing at people in order... It took like 20 people at least before someone got it and ANYONE who knows me from over the years knows I live perpetually in the TOILET/GUTTER... which number did I think of? .... Is there any other magic number than 69 dude?


After the panel we flittered about the dealer's room and such, I spent a ton of cash man... but I have MAN!Pr0n!

And spubba made me CRY!!!! spub's character Siryn is my "BOYFRIEND"... give me HAWT BUFF OLDER MEN!!!  Well, Spub had a STUNNING Portrait of Siryn in the art show done in Doc Martin Dyes... marked NOT FOR SALE... I was begging all weekend and being a dork promising sexual favors for it... little did I know it wasn't for sale because it was a PRESENT FOR ME all along!!! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

I am so hanging it on the ceiling over my bed.... :PPPPP

As per usual, my room at night seems to become party/conversation central. The talent loaded in that room if you stood back to look is staggering. Seriously, it read like a fandom yaoi/slash smut artist/writer "who's who" almost. We had plnunn, spubba, tammylee, vr2lbast, caerfree, jessieshockey, jo_mako, (I'm trying to remember who was all in my bed and I can't remember all the LJ nicknames...) pipmudturtle... The list continues with Karena, Oni, Simone (The publisher who came in from Germany, what a fabulous lady!), god I know I'm missing people here.... We couldn't MOVE in there. We did lovely MSTing to LevelC and Sensitive Pornograph, Kizuna OAV's, Sukisyo (DISGRUNTLED CHIBI'S!!!) and Samurai 7....

The impromptu gathering broke up at around 2 am or so as people began to go back to their rooms to die.... except for jessieshockey and caerfree (and Oni who just died in my bed, sideways not less so no one else could sleep in it and I didn't have the heart to wake the poor boy.)... Jessie and Caer stayed all night with Bast and I and we took a long, long walk down memory lane back to like 2000 when we all met in GW fandom and such... It's nice to revisit something without the WANK! *ahhhhhh*

I still want to bring Caer home with me one of these days and keep her in my pocket! Best cuddle buddy evar!!!

I say we get Bast a Masami outfit and we have to get white school boy uniforms and cosplay Generator Gawl! That would be a hoot!

I think I finally passed out like at 7 in the morning and then got up when bast left to catch her plane at around 8-9 in the morning.

Monday: The hotel went DEAD man! by the time I came into the realm of the living at around NOON when spubba showed up with luggage. I was "UP" but only in the "Zoned out Chain Smoking, coffee drinking zombie" sense of the word... spub had to check out of the clarion and then hung out with me until about 8PM in order to catch the red-eye back to Ohio... monday was really just a chat session wind down in the room and after spubba left, I just stuck on some Kizuna (Again: :PPP  Enjoyji is my "BOYFRIEND"! *squeeeeee *after Siryn of course) and puttered about packing my shit and the studio stuff I managed to condense into one tub (YAY! We sold stuff!)....

I got up about 7:30 this morning, ordered some room service so I didn't have to truck my ass downstairs as I got ready to check out. Undercooked omlettes SUCK ASS. Blurg!
I checked out at around 9... crammed my car full again and drove home. Got home at 12:50 (I made great time.... LEAD FOOT ME! O_o)
then DIED and took a nap.

I will put my shit away tomorrow, I'm no longer 18 man, I hurt all over from no sleep, wearing bitch boots all weekend, and driving long distances... I miss you all already! It's not like I don't talk to you all every damn day, but we only SEE each other once a year and it's never enough.

There condensed con report from me.
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