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Well.... How to describe tonight....

Went to the "anime convention" tonight in Fresno and I use the term "con" loosely. It was an exercise in fire code violations is what it was, squeezing 500 rabid anime deprived fans in a room meant for 50 people is NOT a good thing.

Secondly, why oh WHY does the same shit turn up every piss ass little event? If I see one more Sailor Moon, Pokemon, DBZ, Evangelion, Digimon and Yu-gi-O: Deck of cards, posters, dolls and other cheezy bits of merchandizing I'm gonna PUKE.

There is more out there than those series.


I had no idea what to expect at this thing in the middle of cow pasture USA so traveled light... i.e.: didn't bring the briefcase I carry with my art supplies


But let me back up a bit... met up with urbandruid it's GREAT putting names with faces at last. For those who don't remember Anne Khushrenada from GWFF early days of ttdsdg, she's the one who wrote the fantastic Mariemaia x Delane side fic arc.

So now we can continue... get inside and realize they had a "fanart" competition.. SHIT

In a place this small, I know I'm crap but I would have been the best crap there.

POOP lost chance there.

so I go on a hunt for a sketchbook... no luck.

Double damn

I see there's an art panel beginning, so grab a chair, a crappy crayola colored pencil and bad bond typing paper they have laying out and beginning doodling. Anne is looking not well at all and decides to call it a night early, we WILL get together soon at my house so I can addict her to knew anime. *EVIL GRIN*

Back to sketching, I do a quick Tsume and Toboe (not together individual pics) and look up and I have this CROWD hovering around me.

The art panel "Teacher" starts and begins sketching...


Not to be mean but he was *BAD* , his proportions were HORRIBLE, his techniques and tips absurd and he's not taught a class... like ever.

I ignore his stuff and go back to drawing, not my place to point out his "errors". (THANK GOD FOR BISHART!!!! I learn more there than I would have ever learned anywhere.)

Suddenly, I keep getting interrupted to stop and show my techniques to the "panel" and before I know it, I'm teaching the damn thing...

*ME* crappy *ME*

Um... wait a minute here...

Panel ends and I can't MOVE, I'm literally SURROUNDED by people, and I'm drawing pictures of this and that and answering "can you draw ______________ ?.... how do you do _______?" questions.

Bishart members would be proud. *GRIN*

I gave my "You gotta give him room in his pants for his PACKAGE" spiel I always go on about on list. I went over Bee-chan's and Spubba "dos and don'ts" for inking.. and every other topic we EVER discussed as a group on list.

My fingers hurt, cause I was using by this point in time the funky pink pencil cause I wore all the other 8 colors in that crappy box of pencils down to blunt nubs (no sharpener, I mean that's a BASIC SUPPLY and none to be found and no erasers either.)

I must have done 50 sketches tonight, no bullshit. God how I WISH I'd have been PAID for those. Would have been nice, but I felt bad it's hard to say "no" when people are feeding your ego.

And I felt REALLY bad for the guy who was running the panel, I was honestly minding my own business I did not ask for any of this. How I was wishing for the artists I know and admire and drool over would have been there, you'd have made a KILLING.

Then as I finally begged off for need of WATER and CIGARETTES and a chance to give my fingers a BREAK, I went outside, lit up and had some dude who runs a cosplay convention in Fresno in August comes up to me asking if I'd run the art room at his con.

*my head is spinning at this point*

Um, maybe. Is all I can commit too. I can't afford 3, 4 day cons so close together (His in August, y-con in October) Not to mention I'm going to AX in July.

Then the dude that ran THIS con comes up to me, and asks if I'll do the art panel next year.



Yes, granted in a dinky place like COW PADDY USA... I'm decent.

But DAMN I know so many people better I want to cry.

So I feel surreal, and a tad proud, but overwhelmed. I need to bring bishart members and say, you want good? HERE LOOK AT THESE PEOPLE!

But I pimped the list too, so we may be getting new members. A couple a cute Japanese girls who have Fushigi Yugi fetishes, but drew really nice.

I can't for the life of me remember their names though. EEEK!

I'm so bad.

But that's my night, and I'm pooped.

My business cards all disappeared though, I had them up beside me while I drew {pimping myself} so *fingers crossed* I'll get some commission out of this.

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