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Yaoi-Con ON VACATION!!!!

Well it's zero hour... I'm gonna finish packing and I'm heading out tomorrow. I'm on Vacation from work for 12 days... HALLELUJAH!
Those interested keep an eye on my LiveJournal...

I'll make a phone post when I get in with my room number and such for those of you wanting to drop by if you're in early/staying late too.

I'm in the Westin from Wednesday Afternoon - Tuesday Morning

And seeing as I really don't mind people having this, if you're at the con and you want to meet me... my Cell # 559-300-7586 you can call it anytime while at the con. (Hell anytime you feel like it really, I have free nights and weekends and 1000 whenever minutes I never use up so... just remember my time zone is USA Pacific that is -8GMT) So no calling like at 3 am or something, please do the math. YIKES

If I don't answer it's one of a few reasons:
#1) Phone on Silent at work/in a con panel/'m sleeping and I can't hear it, leave a message and I'll call you back.
#2) Left it in my purse and the battery died
#3) There usually isn't a #3

I will be MIA and come back to probably an overflowing flist when I get back.

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