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{FIC/COMPLETE} "Chiaro di Luna e Sole" - IV

Read Book one and two of the "Le Storie Del Sole e Dalla Luna" (Stories of the Sun and the Moon) Series First:

"La Luna ed il suo Amante" (The Moon God and his Lover)
Chapter One || Chapter Two  || Chapter Three ||  Chapter Four || Chapter Five (END) ||

"I Servi Fedeli Del Dio Della Luna" (The Faithful Servants of the Moon God)
Chapter One || Chapter Two  || Chapter Three ||  Chapter Four (END) ||

Series Title: "Le Storie Del Sole e Dalla Luna"
(Stories of the Sun and the Moon)
Book II: "Chiaro di Luna e Sole"
(Moonlight and Sunshine)

Posting Completed Story in Six Chapters - This is back into a futuristic timeline, after book one & two, however I do reccommend you read them in order as written. Please Forgive the Barest of Proofreading

Series Title: Le Storie Del Sole e Dalla Luna
(Stories of the Sun and the Moon)
Book III: Chiaro di Luna e Sole
(Moonlight and Sunshine)
Chapter Number: Four
“Gifts and Punishments”
Author: D. Sanders

Sol, curious by nature and anxious to see his favorite sprite happy materialized beside the pair still bent over their game. “Chess? You’re playing chess? What new lovers play chess?” Sol asked a blissfully unaware couple. When Sol noticed the bruise that had been hidden under robes earlier.

“Well sunshine, I suppose that’s probably the reason you two aren’t playing properly.” Sol asked running fingers over the bruise and Danya shivered.

“You cold?” Adrik asked and Danya shook his head.

“Nay, just the opposite. I felt really warm all of a sudden and for a minute I didn’t ache at all.” Danya said and Sol grinned.

“You’re not going to ache at all in a second my little sprite. A gift from me to you, I may not be able to punish mortals for being idiots, but I can reward them for being perfect little flowers in my garden.” Sol whispered in Danya’s ear and laid a kiss on Danya’s abused shoulder.

Danya shivered again, his eyes suddenly rolling back in his head in shear ecstasy as Adrik sat there with his jaw in the vicinity of his chest as the bruise began to glow with a golden shine and then literally melt away. Danya began to crumple out of his chair and Adrik dove to catch him, his fingers immediately probing a warm to the touch shoulder that held no trace of injury. “By Mane’s Crown!”

“By Sol’s you boob.” Sol chuckled taking up the chair Danya had fallen out of.

“Danya, talk to me what happened?” Adrik asked as Danya’s eyes fluttered open and he smiled.

“A gift, I’ve been kissed by Sol, It felt like I was on fire all over. Oh thank you my Lord.” Danya spoke to the empty air and Sol just grinned down at him.

“You’re welcome sunshine. Now go play with your man.” Sol winked as Danya laughed almost giddy and threw his arms around Adrik’s neck.

“I don’t know why or how he healed me, but he did and I feel suddenly wonderful.”

Adrik smiled. “After a kiss from a god, do you think perhaps you’d deign to kiss a mere mortal?”

“Oh Aye.” Danya almost purred as he wrapped his arms around Adrik’s neck and melted into a deep passionate kiss.

“Oh that is so much better than those half hearted smooches earlier. Eat him up boy!” Sol cheered, as Adrik wasted no time in taking advantage of the sudden gift.

It helped that when Sol kissed, he left hunger in his wake. Danya would be feeling more than a little aroused anyway, Adrik was about to get very lucky from a very receptive little sun priest. Danya was a sun priest for a reason, he may have the tendencies of monogamy that were a lunar trait, but buried within was the fire of passion that just needed to be set free and awakened.

Adrik was in for a lifetime with a lover who would never leave him unsatisfied in the bedroom, or whatever other room a sun priest or sun follower decided was the perfect spot for an impromptu tryst.

Sol propped his chin in his hand, he wasn’t going to miss a second of this first joining of moonlight and sunshine he approved of whole-heartedly. Danya was going to burst into full bloom finally.

Adrik was literally blown away with the passion behind Danya’s kiss. Long graceful fingers tracing his scalp as they trailed through his long dark hair as Danya’s body molded itself against his and straddled his lap where they were still partially sprawled and sitting on the floor. Adrik groaned into the kiss, totally electrified in every pore as he grasped thin hips in his hands and ran those large healing hands up a smooth back pulling Danya even closer.

He felt Danya’s fingers on the strap of his eye patch and those long, deft and gentle fingers pull it away and lips moved briefly from his lips to kiss the scar over his left eye. Adrik shivered, he’d never had anyone remove his patch before and then never cringe at the disfigurement of his lost eye. The lid was fused shut permanently and the ragged scar that started just above his eyebrow and ended at his cheekbone in a diagonal, lightening bolt shaped line was a mark of a lesson in mortality and a folly of his vigorous misspent youth.

“How I wish I could have prevented this beloved. My heart stopped when I saw you fall that day. My heart then lost to you irrevocably when even in your torment, you faced it with such unwavering faith and courage. You are my inspiration as well as my desire.” Danya whispered as he kissed a trail over the scar and Adrik whimpered in soul shuddering joy.

“Danya. You make my soul ache with wonder of you. You are the brightest flower in Sol’s garden I am so very blessed with your love.”

“Here, Here! But less talking you two, there’s time for that after!” Sol cheered, from his perch on the chair beside them.

They hadn’t heard Sol, but they certainly reacted as if they had as Adrik grappled Danya against him and plundered his mouth with a gasping, desperate and ignited with passion kiss. Adrik stood pulling Danya up of the floor with him, their tongues and teeth still battling each other and the chess board went flying off the table, the pieces scattered to the four winds as Adrik set Danya on top of it, his hands desperately pulling at light trouser material that was only keeping Adrik from what he wanted. Danya’s hands equally busy and furiously at work freeing Adrik from his similar confinements.

“That’s my flower!” Sol was giddy with delight as he glowed with feral pleasure.

Pants went flying in the same direction as the chess set and mouths had yet to release each other from sweet torment. From lips to necks to ears whatever patch of skin was nearest received a worshipping of desire as Adrik and Danya hissed and moaned as their swollen erections rubbed together furiously.

Danya arched his back and fell back onto the table, his hands gripping the sides as Adrik brought his lips down a slender tanned and spotted chest and didn’t bother teasing as he engulfed Danya’s member in a warm moist mouth.

Sol couldn’t resist when mortals were this passionate, he had to add to the pleasure and share in it, it was food and fuel for Sol’s fire. Sol wrapped around Adrik, his hand melding into the healer’s as fingers circled and coaxed the puckering of flesh quivering with willing invitation.

“Feel the flower open his petals for you drone in welcome.” Sol whispered lustily in Adrik’s ear and their joined hands found purchase and slipped past resistance. Danya’s moan of pleasure sent shivers down both mortal and divine spines.

“Feel for the treasure within, reach for it, watch the flower bloom beneath you.” Sol urged Adrik’s hand movements, pulling stretching touching deep and hidden places that had Danya writhing, moaning and thrashing with passion on the table. Sol’s other hand reached around and grasped Adrik’s weeping erection, stroking lightly, fueling the drone as well as the flower.

“Feel it build, this is the bounty of my garden young Adrik, the gift you are being given will be unlike anything you have ever known or will ever know. To taste sunshine and honey will make you hunger and you will never be sated long. He is in bloom, your flower. See how beautiful he is? How passionate he is? How he gives himself to you and you alone? This flower, once in season will ever be in season until you fade together in the winter years. He needs to be pollinated drone and that is your duty, he will long for it, need it, it sustains him and drives him. He is my vassal, my perfect flower and we thrive best on passion and fire. Give it to him now.” Sol nipped at Adrik’s ear as he stroked and fed his light into both new lovers, making their first joining something that neither would ever forget and gifting them both with the fire of a god that would always stay with them for the rest of their lives.

Sol joined with Adrik fully, melting into the young lunar priest as he gripped Danya’s hips and thrust himself forward with a groan that came from his soul. He was on fire, burning within like the sun itself was trying to break free from beneath his skin. His desire was to the point of insane obsession, the all encompassing need, want, power and fulfillment of soul was driving their motions as Adrik almost violently made love to the youth spread before him on the table.

Danya’s cries and moans were not of pain, but of the same need and want as his ankles locked together behind Adrik’s hips and he added force to every thrust and his hands, grasping Adrik’s forearms were white knuckled where he clung to his lover. “Adrik! Adrik! Yes!” Danya thrashed wildly, every fiber of his body on fire and climbing to a pinnacle rapidly.

Adrik couldn’t speak and could only fight for breath as he moaned and sobbed with pleasure as Danya shuddered violently beneath him, releasing his pleasure with a cry that went straight to Adrik’s soul and squeezed just as the muscles within Danya’s body constricted almost painfully, pulling Adrik over the abyss with him and both bodies heaved in near convulsions of ecstasy before Adrik literally collapsed on top of Danya, his heart pounding in his ears and his body utterly spent and heaving to breathe.

Sol stepped from Adrik’s body and smiled. “My gift to you both. You will always burn like that for each other. Thank you my loves for such a wonderful feast for my soul.” Sol smiled kissing them both fondly as he vanished sated and full.

They spent several long moments, clinging to each other and fighting to regain normal heart rates and breathing when Danya burst in to a joyful, bubbling and effervescent laughter, his arms wrapping around Adrik’s shoulders where Adrik lay half on the table, his feet still on the floor.

Adrik smiled into the nape of Danya’s neck as he laughed. “Danya, you are indescribable.” Adrik purred at a loss to put a name to the intimacy they had just shared.

“That was more than worth the wait. Sol’s fire burns, I feel him in and around us and every where, Adrik can you feel it too?”

“Aye. I felt consumed. I’ve heard of Sol doing this, I always thought it was a myth.”

“Nay, not a myth but not common either. He’s given us the gift of his blessing.”

“Not to mention, I think he was part of that as more than just a spectator.” Adrik chuckled trying to stand on knees that had turned to rubber.

“Aye. He was melded with you, I felt it all over, he is the king of drones after all.” Danya grinned as he sat up and wrapped his arms around Adrik who was half sitting and leaning on the table exhausted still between Danya’s legs.

“Had I not felt it, I would have never believed it. Mane doesn’t do that, I’ve never had a god take over my body before.” Adrik was almost torn on how to react. Danya just ran loving hands up his chest, resting his chin on Adrik’s shoulder.

“Not take it over, just share it with you. Your actions were entirely your own beloved. Sol sups from passion, you obviously had a wellspring Sol found to his liking. I know I found it to mine.” Danya grinned and Adrik smiled and turned to kiss the end of Danya’s nose.

“So you like me do you?”

“Very much. I do hope you plan on making a habit of this.” Danya grinned; no longer shy and his eyes sparkled with knowing and loving.

“Beloved, you can rest assured of that. Once will never be enough, you took everything I’ve ever known before and showed me how much it paled drastically in comparison. You’re intoxicating and if I had a scrap of energy left, you’d be in trouble.”

Danya laughed as Adrik turned to face him. Danya hooked his ankles behind Adrik’s knees and his arms wound themselves around Adrik’s shoulders as they shared a long lingering kiss.

It was in this intimate moment the door opened and Adrik was caught with his bare backside in full view but thankfully he was blocking Danya’s modesty with his body.

“Well, well, well. What do we have here?” Kara asked masking his shock with sarcasm.

“Knocking is usually considered polite when coming to someone’s private quarters Brother Kara. Obviously what we have here is also private.”

“You wound me Adrik dear. I thought we had…”

“Stop right there, Kara. We had nothing, we never did and I am not going to have this conversation with you, again, when I am standing naked and baring you my backside and I am quite busy with my beloved. Thank you, please leave.”

“Beloved? Shy, scared little Danya? Please Adrik, he’s just a new fancy that will fade like all the others. I can offer you so much more.”

Danya just sighed He did not doubt Adrik, but he could feel Adrik’s temperature rising in anger. Adrik whirled around, stalked forward, physically loomed over Kara forcing him to step backwards and out of the door. “I said get out!” Adrik shouted, slamming the door and bolting it in Kara’s stunned face as he stared at the scar that was uncovered on Adrik’s eye.

“Oh dear.” Danya muttered still sitting on the table as Adrik growled and flopped into bed.

“That little… I’m sorry Danya.” Adrik’s arm covered his eyes. Danya slipped silently off the table and crawled into bed with Adrik, making Adrik rest his head on his lap as he finger combed long hair in comfort.

“Not your fault dearest. Don’t let him make you angry, I’m not upset at his words. I am shy and timid; he said nothing that isn’t truth. You just don’t see them as faults, others do.” Danya smiled and Adrik reached up and stroked Danya’s cheek.

“What a way to ruin a moment. I’m sorry.”

“Nothing is ruined beloved. Like either of us have the energy for more? Hardly.” Danya grinned and Adrik chuckled.

“You do have a point. Care to nap a while with me?”

“A nap sounds perfect, we have an hour or two until mid-day mess and I am hungry too.”

“Aye, like a bear famished. A nap will stave it off a while.” Adrik grinned as he wrapped around Danya and pulled a light sheet over them while they rested and recovered.


Kara was furious. He had not expected to find them together in an extremely compromising position and evidently by the state of Adrik, already finished with whatever activities had transpired just prior to Kara’s arrival. The sheer powerful and masculine athletic build of Adrik was one of the things Kara liked best about the young healer, and he’d just seen more than he’d expected to and he was livid that Danya of all people was the one being given the attention of that body.

Danya was a little nobody! Never sociable, never forward, getting him to talk was like pulling teeth unless it was to his insipid plants or the smallest of children. He was thin, baked brown all the time from being in the sun, and covered in those annoying freckles that should have faded from his youth. He was scared of his own shadow! How could Adrik like something so, uninteresting? Further more how on earth did Danya manage to come out of his shell long enough for Adrik to even notice? It just didn’t make sense.

Adrik was even without his eye patch, and no one ever saw him without it… ever. Kara had to admit that was probably for good reason, his injury was rather gruesome when not hidden behind leather and he was rather glad Adrik chose to wear the patch, he was far more handsome with it than without it. But his mind wandered off that train of thought and back to Danya.

How dare the little pipsqueak waltz in and take something Kara had been working for weeks to obtain! Everyone knew Adrik was off limits because Kara was interested, surely Danya knew that too. It was common knowledge that whomever Kara fancied, Kara won. He was beautiful after all, long blond hair, stunning creamy complexion, turquoise colored eyes, a lithe body that knew how to please a partner, he was the epitome of the sun god’s vassal. Danya was the dirt in the garden in comparison to the rose that Kara knew he was.

Sol was wandering the halls when he spied Kara as he stalked down the hall in the living dormitories of the resident priests, Sol frowned, he knew that fire of jealousy, and he followed. When Kara spied Danya’s door slightly ajar and a wicked, vindictive grin spread across Kara’s face as he quickly slipped inside and shut the door behind him. He’d show Danya not to cross him in the future.

Sol followed him inside, growing more irate with each passing moment. A wart was now no longer a fitting punishment, Kara was trespassing and Sol knew nothing good was going to come of this moment.

“Goodness, your rooms are just as mousy as you are.” Kara said in distain noticing the minimalistic personal touches and nothing but organized little piles of notes and various pots with plants of bizarre shapes and sizes scattered throughout the room acting like paper weights occasionally and overflowing on the windowsill. There were no pretty little trinkets, no colorful hangings or trappings. Just books, scrolls and plants, Danya’s robes were folded neatly in a trunk at the foot of his bed, a pair of muddy boots were sitting on the hearth next to a box of Iris bulbs that looked freshly cultivated and nothing else.

Kara walked over to the desk and flipped through a few of the pages he spied there. “What does Adrik see in you? Do you have no other interests other than botany and chemistry? How boring.” Kara asked seeing nothing but sketches and diagrams.

“Don’t do it Kara, you’re going to regret it.” Sol warned silently, watching from the hearth.

“Here, I’ll give you something to fill your spare time when Adrik grows bored with you then shall I?” Kara chuckled picking up the inkwell off the desk and upending it over the papers. Making sure each of the three journals sitting there were totally saturated. Sol flinched, all the years and years worth of work he’d sent for his little Danya to do, destroyed in moment’s fit of jealousy. As Kara set the ink well down again, he spied the strange plant on the corner of the desk.

“Ugly plant for an ugly boy, how… fitting.” Kara sneered, reaching out to touch the strange looking bloom that looked like fine hairs growing from a wicked mouth shaped bloom.

Kara would discover quickly as his fingers brushed the center and the bloom snapped closed that those hairs were needle sharp razor thorns that bit into his flesh and burned. Kara yowled with pain and ripped his hand free, dragging the needles down his fore and middle fingers, which bled and burned like fire. The plant toppled off the desk and the pot smashed on the floor, and Kara left a small blood trail as he fled the room clutching his throbbing hand to his chest.

“Oh father, that was a brutal punishment indeed.” Sol shook his head, knowing full well Kara had just destroyed the cure to the acidic toxins that were now dissolving the flesh in his hand. Kara, if he didn’t get help soon, would not only lose the fingers the trap’s needles infected, but his entire hand would follow in a few hours and then his life would be lost as the toxin’s spread throughout his body and literally began to dissolve him from the inside out. It would be an excruciatingly painful death; Sidra’s Trap was the most poisonous and vicious plant in all of Sol’s gardens. For every action, there was either reward or punishment. The deaths in the future that could have been saved were now on Kara’s hands for destroying Danya’s work and had brought forth a severe punishment from the hand of the Heavenly Father. He, who saw all, who knew all, and He, who wielded the scythe of justice, had taken a mighty swing.


Adrik awoke to gentle nibbles against his earlobe and he smiled as he rolled over to face a smiling and pleasantly rested and playful Danya. “You’re in bright spirits my lovely.” Adrik said pulling Danya closer.

“Aye, I feel wonderful and you are decidedly irresistible when you look so serene in sleep.” Danya chuckled nuzzling close under Adrik’s chin.

“I’ve awakened something I think I will reap wonderful benefits from in future.”

“Oh aye dearest. You said yourself ‘once was never going to be enough’ did you not?” Danya spoke as he simultaneously nipped at Adrik’s throat. Adrik shivered.

“So I did.” Adrik chuckled and rolled over to pin Danya against the mattress. “However, my little sprite, I believe we should go obtain some food first or we will have poor energy later.”

“Here, I must agree sadly. As much as I want to play with you, I am ravenous.”
Danya replied as Adrik’s stomach joined in the conversation in favor of food. Danya laughed as they both rolled out of bed and hunted for discarded robes before heading out to mess as the last call bell for mid-day meals rang in the courtyard and they hurried their steps before all the food was gone and they’d have to wait until the dinner hour.

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