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Well... I'm in numb shock

Numb, because my face feels like it's falling off the bone. Just got back from the dentist and had the right half of my teeth deep cleaned, I get the other half done Monday Morning.

But I'm writing my diagnosis down as A WARNING to women with ASSHOLE significant others. DO NOT let them dictate to you how often you go to the dentist.

For 10 years, I was married to a man who would not let me go unless I was in major pain. And I say MAJOR pain, as in weeping from agony.

He was that bad, and he just cost me my teeth because I am also diabetic and you NEED bi-annual cleanings.

To save the teeth in my mouth will cost me *holds up diagnosis printout* $14,875.00

Or to pull all my molars (because EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM NEEDS A ROOT CANAL) and give me a set of partial dentures it will cost me round about $1500.00

Can we say which route I have to take here?

So over the next few weeks/months I'm going to be having all my molars pulled and am going to be fitted for partial dentures.

My Ex cost me my teeth, they could have been saved and not gotten so bad beneath the gums where you cannot brush if he let me go to the dentist regularly like I asked on several occassions during our marriage.

Diabetics like myself need deep cleanings at least once a year to prevent bone loss.

And yes I've always had dental insurance, then and now. The prices I gave were MY SHARE of the bill.

He never let me use the insurance, now I will max it and this all could have been prevented.

Don't let others rule your life, use me as an example. This is the result.

GO to the Dentist folks, I'm coming up on 32 and getting DENTURES.

Pretty sad huh?

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