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{FIC/COMPLETE} "I Servi Fedeli Del Dio Della Luna" - III

Read Book one of the "Depositi Del Sole e Della Luna" (Stories of the Sun and the Moon) Series First:
"La Luna ed il suo Amante" (The Moon God and his Lover)
Chapter One || Chapter Two  || Chapter Three ||  Chapter Four || Chapter Five ||

Series Title: "Depositi Del Sole e Della Luna"
(Stories of the Sun and the Moon)
Book II: "I Servi Fedeli Del Dio Della Luna"
(The Faithful Servants of the Moon God)

Posting Completed Story in Four Chapters - This actually predates the first story, however I do reccommend you read them in order as written. Please Forgive the Barest of Proofreading

Series Title: Depositi Del Sole e Della Luna
(Stories of the Sun and the Moon)
Book II: I Servi Fedeli Del Dio Della Luna
(The Faithful Servants of the Moon God)
Chapter Number: Three
“Lover’s Moon”
Author: D. Sanders

The weeks that followed Gallus’ return to the brotherhood temples were wonderful, it was sublime to be home again. And not just because his stomach and pallet were no longer being affronted by food long past being considered fresh, it was Praduc that made coming home such a joy.

Gallus being a lunar priest kept later hours than most and he tended to sleep through first mess. Every morning he woke up to a bowl of his favorite fruit and a small pitcher of cream sitting chilled in a bowl of ice on his doorstep. It was his favorite for breakfast and Praduc’s kindness at making sure Gallus didn’t miss it was more than touching.

He slowly crawled out of bed and retrieved the peaches and cream from his doorstep and sat as his overflowing desk and ate his breakfast as he slowly came to wakefulness. Trying to ignore his daily reaction after waking up from having rather intimate dreams of a certain young blond. “I’m pathetic.”

“Yes, you are.” Came the voice of Mane who appeared and settled on Gallus’ bed. Gallus frowned.

“My lord, come to tease me?”

“Yes and no. I’ve come to offer unsolicited advice. Stop being so afraid of making a step forward Little Gallus, you’re acting like a dotard of sixty and not a youth of twenty and three. Youth is wasted on the young sometimes.”

“A dotard? Is that really how I’m acting?”

“Yes and you’re driving me crazy already. You’re a young man Gallus, try acting like it once in a while. You’re in your prime and wasting precious time because you lock yourself away from your own emotions. I was there the night you were hurt dearest, I know you felt pain from rejection. It is time to let that go to stay in the past. Your reticence is maddening.”

“Since when do you meddle in mortal affairs?”

“When mortal’s are too thick headed to do it themselves Little Gallus. I want to show you something, perhaps this will bring home to you how much he needs you.” Mane said and the room evaporated and Gallus was watching a scene from the past it seemed.

He saw Praduc alone and crying, his father screaming at his men in the other room. The new son had been born and he was finally getting rid of his burdens and ordering them to get the carriage ready.

The scene faded to that first night, where Praduc had cried himself to sleep in Gallus’ arms. Terrified, but no longer alone.

The scene changed to show Praduc after Gallus had left, how he had wandered off to cry alone before heading to his lessons.

Then a series of images appeared of Praduc and various people talking about him within earshot as if because he was mute he was also deaf. Gallus’ blood ran cold. They acknowledged how kind and sweet natured Praduc was while in the same breath were condemning him to loneliness. Complaining how difficult it was to talk to him, remarking offhandedly that he was basically less than human due to his handicap.

“Now I show you a scar on his heart that he obtained after you left little Gallus, one he has not confided in you because he is ashamed.” Mane said and the scene changed to the gathering of Virgin’s at the temple, Praduc looked about fifteen and stunningly beautiful dressed in all in white. But his face was sad and when the Novice reached him, rather than pouring the sacred mead into Praduc’s cup he knelt and patted Praduc on the head like a child.

“Dearest, this isn’t for the likes of ones such as you. Perhaps it is better not to torture yourself another year. No one will ever share your mead, I think it best you go back to your rooms little one. The Lover’s Moon is not for you, I’m sorry little love. But it is best you learn this now, rather than later. You know no one ever drinks from your cup, no one ever will. Love is for normal people, not you little one.”

The gutting ache Gallus felt inside at those words barely touched the emotional raping of spirit those words had on Praduc and Gallus saw him race back to his rooms sobbing.

The scene faded and they were once more back in Gallus’ room. “This is how he has spent my Lover’s Moon for the past two years. Would you have him face it like that again? He believes he is unnatural, different, outcast and that he is unworthy of love while at the same time he loves so deeply it rivals even my own depth of the emotion. There are many here who call him friend, none of them that see him as anything but a talented and sweet abnormality. You are the only one that has ever treated him as he should be treated. Because one does not have a voice, does not make them unable to feel. Feel he does. Feels for you most profoundly. As I know you feel for him. I say again Little Gallus, your reticence causes him more pain. Will you allow this to continue?”

“Nay.” Gallus was choked with emotion. Tonight was the Festival of the Lover’s Moon, the virgins were probably already getting ready to have their cups blessed in preparation for a night designed for new lovers.

“Good. Don’t fear it Gallus, this is and always was meant to be. He is for you, as you are for him. Love brings both joy and sorrow. But a long joy there will be before the sorrows little Gallus. Embrace it or forever lose it to fear.” Mane said vanishing from the room, leaving Gallus to sort himself out.


Once Gallus regained his composure he hurried along to the archive where Praduc was working, bent over an ancient and faded scroll, dutifully making an immaculate copy before the text was lost to time. Gallus paused and leaned against the doorframe, his strong arms crossed over his chest as he watched Praduc work. Absorbed in his task and brushing an errant lock of hair out of his eyes and leaving a streak of ink across his cheek in the process.

“So that’s why there is always ink on your lovely face. Remind me to find you a hair clip.” Gallus chuckled pushing off the frame of the door and walking across the room where Praduc smiled looking up from his task setting down his quill and signing.

:I’ve tried them. My hair has a mind of it own, it goes where it wishes, and it usually wishes to tickle my nose. I should cut it all off and save the trouble.: He signed as Gallus settled himself on the desk and reached down to wipe the ink away with gentle fingers.

“You’d better not cut it. I rather like the wild look you have about you.” Gallus said moving to finger comb Praduc’s hair back away from his face. “I like it immensely actually.”

Praduc blushed, Gallus had never been so forward before. It was as if he was with an entirely different person and if Praduc didn’t know better he’d have been positive that Gallus was flirting with him.

Gallus just grinned at the blush on Praduc’s cheeks and he leaned forward to whisper in Praduc’s ear. “Why aren’t you getting ready for tonight? I will have no cup to drink from if you are not there.”

Praduc’s eyes went wide with shock and he sat there stunned as Gallus sat back on the desk, his face no longer a mask of gentle serenity, but that of a youth in love. Praduc’s hands shook as he signed.

:You want to drink from my cup?:

“Yes. If you’ll honor me with it.”

:But, I’m…: He began but couldn’t finish because Gallus cupped his hands in his own and just bent over to look Praduc deeply in the eyes, Gallus’ deep and dark brown eyes were filled with a mixture of hope, sadness and the same loneliness that Praduc felt, they were two kindred spirits where it mattered most.

“You’re absolutely wonderful and if others have told you differently they are blind and ignorant and not worthy of you. Will you honor me, your Gallus tonight?”

Praduc smiled and a few tears gathered in his eyes as he nodded once shyly. Gallus placed a chaste kiss on his cheek. “Until tonight then.” He purred in Praduc’s ear and his rich bass reverberated and the vibrations sent involuntary shivers down Praduc’s spine. Gallus sat back smiling and winked before he removed himself from the archive.

Praduc practically danced around the room. The one person he loved most in the world, the most sinfully and ruggedly handsome brother in all of the order, his best friend, his confidant, his mentor, his teacher, the fuel for his most intimate dreams and the first and most truest love of his young life wanted him, specifically ASKED for him. Praduc was high as a kite in love as he tried in vain to finish his task.

When that failed he just packed everything up neatly and floated back to his rooms to bathe and change and try to make himself as presentable as possible. He was so nervous, great huge butterflies were having a battle royale in his stomach, but tonight he would have his heart’s greatest desire and it was worth all the nausea. Gallus wanted him, wanted Praduc! He was in utter nirvana as he tamed his hair with lunar glories and dressed himself in virginal whites, finding a cup and heading down to where the other virgins would be gathering to receive the blessed mead to give to their loved ones and would be lovers.

Gallus wasn’t fairing much better in the nerves department either as he stood grooming himself in his mirror. It had been years since he’d had a lover and had done exactly what Mane had accused him of, acted like a dotard ever since. He was a man in his prime. Twenty-three, built like a ton of bricks naturally, and he had to admit, he wasn’t bad looking either as he inspected himself in the mirror as he shaved off the day’s stubble from his chin and cleaned himself up.

“That’s so much better. Look at my handsome little Gallus.” Mane chuckled appearing over Gallus shoulder to look at him in the mirror.

“I feel like it for a change.” Gallus grinned as he wiped off the residual soap from his chin and ran a comb through his long chestnut hair and tied it back with a spare leather lacing.

“Good. It’s high time you started acting your age my young bull. You’re going to make little Praduc faint looking like this, make sure to catch him when he crumbles.” Mane winked

“You’re good for an ego, thanks.” Gallus chuckled putting on his robes, his broad chest peaking through as he belted it shut.

“This is my night Gallus. Tonight is my favorite night of the year and I’ve been waiting too long for my favorite novice to enjoy it properly. Make sure you are within earshot of the Virgin gathering. Praduc is going to need your support. It’s time everyone began looking at him the way you do.”

“Aye. I’m going now.”

“Good. Bring him back here after, my gift to you both will be waiting.” Mane said disappearing as quickly as he’d appeared. Gallus smiled and headed out to where the Virgin’s were gathering in the joint chapel where morning masses took place.

Gallus hid himself behind the statues of Sol and Mane in the shadows, and he spied perfection not far away. Praduc was stunning to behold, absolute beauty in white and he was nervously fiddling with his cup, off isolated in a corner. Gallus could hear some of the whispered conversations around him and he was getting more furious by the moment. He’d had no idea the pain Praduc had endured even from the brotherhood.

One by one the virgins walked up to the altar where the virgin novices placed blessings on the wine and filled the virgin cups. It was Praduc’s turn and Gallus held his breath.

“Oh Praduc, why do you come again? Love is not for the likes of one such as you…” The novice began and Gallus stepped out from his hiding place and strode forward coming to stand by Praduc’s side, glaring anger in his eyes.

“Novice! By what authority do you claim to know the will of Mane and who is and who is not worthy of love?”

“Father Gallus, I? It’s Praduc!” The novice gasped as his superior stood before him angrily.

“I know very well who stands before you, and it is his right to ask of the temple his mead on this night. I ask again, by whose authority do you deny him?”

“No ones Father… I just…”

“You just nothing! Fill his cup Novice!” Gallus ordered and the Novice hesitated. “I said to fill his cup! Novice, your duty is not to judge, your duty to this temple is to serve Mane’s will. Mane’s will is ALL virgins. Not just the ones you think are worthy. All are worthy in the eyes of Mane. Fill his cup and all the rest in silent contemplation on your actions and then report to your mentor.” Father Gallus roared and the Novice so chastised by his superior did as ordered. Gallus turned to face Praduc and cupped his face in his hands.

“Praduc, you’ve suffered injustice, prejudice and scorn all your life long for nothing more criminal than having been born of a silent tongue. Know that I hear you, I see you, I understand you and I will allow the prejudice against you no longer, the intolerance will end tonight. I speak now in front of all present to bear witness here, I speak not as a priest of Mane, but just as your devoted Gallus. Praduc, beloved, know that in my heart I see you as the one I love most in this world. You are my friend, my brother, my confidant, my joy, my sorrow and my trusted companion above all others. Would you honor me with your love and let me drink from your cup?” Gallus’ voice was tender and sincere and Praduc’s tears flowed freely as he smiled up at Gallus and nodded, holding out his cup and lifting it to Gallus’ lips.

Gallus bent his head to drink from the cup still held in Praduc’s hands and after he drank the sweet honey wine, he took the cup from Praduc’s hands and set it on the altar turning and cupping Praduc’s face once more in his hands Gallus bent low and kissed him tenderly on the lips. Praduc’s eyes drifted closed and he melted into the kiss his arms coming up to entwine around Gallus’ strong neck and shoulders. Gallus’ slowly ceased his gentle kiss and smiled as he scooped Praduc up into his arms and carried him purposefully out of the chapel in long, hard and quick strides.

Gallus was a man with a purpose and this Virgin in his arms he had spoken vows of love to in a chapel was not going to remain a virgin much longer. They were as good as wed in the eyes of Mane and Sol having exchanged such a meaningful declaration of love in a chapel before so many witnesses.

Gallus had done that on purpose. He had no desire for just a lover, he wanted a lover, a friend, a life-long equal partnership. He knew in his heart before, even without Mane telling him so, that Praduc was the one who would give him what he needed and in turn he would give to Praduc what he needed. He had just needed the confidence to admit it, and that was what Mane had given him. Confidence to follow his heart, and there was indeed joy when one followed ones heart.

Praduc was silent where he clung joyfully to Gallus’ neck, his head buried in the crook of Gallus’ shoulder as he was carried like he weighed nothing at all. Gallus had spoken vows of love in front of hundreds of people in the chapel. Praduc was no fool, he knew the portent of that, and he knew Gallus knew what he had done too. In the eyes of the temple, he was now bonded to Gallus in ways that made his heart sing with profound bliss. They were technically wed; they just skipped the formal ceremony, which was the only difference in the eyes of Mane and Sol. All that mattered to the Gods, were the vows, the ceremony itself was really unimportant. Praduc’s heart and spirits were soaring high like an eagle in flight and he never wanted to come down to earth again.

Gallus carried him back to his rooms and kicked open the door so he didn’t have to set Praduc down. Praduc laughed at Gallus’ sudden determination and Gallus grinned with intent as he swept Praduc into his room and kicked the door shut behind him.

Gallus froze, his room had been transformed, candles twinkled merrily all around the room, giving off soft floral fragrances, the bed was sprinkled with lunar glory blossoms invitingly and in the center of the bed was a basket of cheese, fruit and wine, and topping it off there was a row of small glass bottles along the window ledge next to the bed that contained sweet smelling oils. Gallus gulped and Praduc audibly gasped and signed.

:You did all this for me?:

“I wish I could say I did love. This is from Mane himself.” Gallus replied setting Praduc on his feet again.

:You really do talk to him like the others say you do.: It was a statement, not a question.

“Aye. All my life, it was Mane who kicked me in the ass this morning and ordered me to stop dragging my feet when it came to telling you how I felt.” Gallus grinned as he leaned over to kiss Praduc sweetly. “I do love you and I’m sorry I took so long telling you so.”

:Don’t be silly. You loving me at all is my greatest joy Gallus. I have loved you always.: Praduc replied in sign, stepping closer and wrapping his arms around Gallus’ waist and resting his chin on his broad chest smiling impishly up at Gallus.

“I see a very content lifetime ahead of me if you always smile at me like that, my lovely.”

Praduc just winked and Gallus laughed wrapping his arms around Praduc’s shoulders, pulling him close and burying his face in Praduc’s hair that smelled of the glories still woven into the strands. “So beautiful you are to me. I feel unworthy of you suddenly. Like a boorish hound trampling in his mistress’ flower beds.”

Praduc snorted in laughter and pinched Gallus’ sides making him jump and yelp before stepping back to sign grinning. :I told you before. You’re no hound or ass, you are my bear, and they are allowed to be big and clumsy. It’s part of their charm.:

“Your bear huh?” Gallus grinned, he did rather resemble a big grizzly bear at times when he hadn’t shaved for a few days. Praduc’s assessment and observation was wholly accurate.

:Aye, My bear: Praduc signed, stressing the ‘my’ in his sign.

“All yours.” Gallus growled like a bear as he swept Praduc into his arms for a crushing hug and lips nipped playfully at Praduc’s earlobes.

Praduc sighed and his bones turned to jelly and Gallus focused his attention on a spot just behind Praduc’s ear as he maneuvered them closer to the bed. Once they stood by the bed, Gallus stopped his attentions for a moment and stood to his full height, he still dwarfed Praduc and practically the entire brotherhood in size. Praduc’s eyes traveled the entire expanse of him, and his eyes were hungry and full of desire. Gallus smiled as he tugged the belt of his own robe free and let it fall to the floor, revealing a youth that was indeed one large expanse of male prowess. Broad shoulders and a chest the size of a barrel, lightly dusted with dark sable hair, which fell into a surprisingly lean and hard stomach considering the amounts of food Praduc had seen Gallus eat. Apparently food turned straight into muscle when Gallus ate, Praduc was more than pleased with the view. A line of dark hair that began at his navel and drew the eye like an arrow downward made Praduc moan involuntarily. Gallus was too handsome to be true, and all that gloriously massive bear of a man was all his, there wasn’t an inch on that body Praduc didn’t want to worship sinfully.

And he was going to worship his beloved, tenderhearted bear-man for the rest of his life.

Praduc couldn’t resist, and he stepped closer, running his fingers up and over Gallus’ chest, toying with the soft thatch of hair nestled between his pectoral muscles. Praduc made a purring noise in the back of his throat and Gallus chuckled.

“Whomever said you couldn’t speak volumes, lied beloved. How do I get you to make that noise again?” Gallus groaned, the purr Praduc made had had an immediate reaction and had gone straight to his groin.

Praduc smiled devilishly and just raped Gallus with his eyes. He may have been a virgin, but the gaze was decidedly certain about what it wanted and it wanted Gallus. Praduc’s hands traveled lazily lower, following the trail of hair and a single finger lightly traced the length of Gallus’ quite evidently aching sex. Praduc purred again and the twitch of reaction under his finger made him laugh. “You are wicked. Just whom is seducing whom here?” Gallus laughed as well, hooking his fingers in the belt that held on Praduc’s robes.

“You are decidedly over-dressed. You got your eye full, it’s my turn beautiful.” Gallus said with a tug of the belt and Praduc’s robes pooled around his feet. Gallus groaned, his voice full of lust and desire. “Nothing so beautiful should be legal. By Manes’ crown, you are breathtaking. I am suddenly glad the brotherhood seems to have been blind while I was gone. I feel suddenly quite possessive of you.”

:I certainly do not object being the object of possession, if it is you I belong to my bear. Do I please you?:

“Beloved, look at me. It should be quite obvious how very much you please me.” Gallus grinned moving to pick Praduc up and place him in bed. “And I am out of patience and am through with words, beloved, please let me love you.”

:Forever.: Praduc signed and that was the last of their conversation as Gallus bent his head and captured lips in a searing kiss that robbed Praduc of his breath and quickened his heartbeat as those lips brought a passionate flush of heat to whatever patch of skin they touched. His neck, his shoulder, first one nipple then the next trailing down each inch until Praduc was purring and grunting unconsciously in bliss as Gallus obliterated coherent thought and reduced Praduc’s world into nothing more than emotional stimulation and erotic sensations that electrified the soul as much as the body.

Minutes that seemed like hours passed as Gallus kissed and nipped and gently coaxed forth the reaction he needed to see from Praduc. When Gallus moved and coated them both with some of the sweet smelling oil from the first bottle he could reach off the window ledge and then gripped both of their erections in his massive hands together and slowly stroked them in unison, Praduc’s gurgling cry in the back of his throat as he shuddered in release made Gallus smile in smug satisfaction. Praduc was even more beautiful flushed with excitement and love.

Gallus gently urged Praduc onto his stomach, fingers intimately tracing slick circles around Gallus’ objective. Praduc moaned into pillows and squirmed in over sensitized pleasure as Gallus pulled and stretched gently, determined that when he took the virgin before him, tonight would be remembered for the rest of his life with joy and not pain. Gallus was a large man, in all ways and if he didn’t want to rip his smaller lover apart, taking his time was key.

He apparently was taking too much time when a hand slapped him blindly and it frantically signed :NOW!:

Gallus chuckled and trailed kisses up an arching spine. Resting his chin on prominent shoulder blades and whispering in the delicate shell of his ear. “Aye, now.” Gallus said pushing slowly home.

Praduc gripped pillows and choked a cry as he pushed back against Gallus’ intrusion, welcoming his lover within in almost desperate pleasure. Gallus’ moan practically shook the rafters. He hadn’t expected Praduc to push himself back and the pleasure from the surprise was almost too overwhelming.

A near frenetic pace was set and every time Gallus thrust, Praduc met him with equal force. They both were shedding years of loneliness in each other’s embrace, their souls reaching out and clinging to one another in a love that knew no limits, no handicaps and no restraint. Bodies were gleaming with sweat in the flickering candlelight and breath came in ragged gasps and inhalations as they expended themselves in body, mind and spirit.

Gallus’ fierce growl of Praduc’s name echoed in the small room as he released in fierce and deep thrusts and then collapsed in a heap as every muscle screamed in protest from such physical activity.

Praduc smirked as he was held cradled against a heaving chest and trailed fingers up a sweaty chest and signed :That was beautiful and you’re out of shape.:

Gallus chuckled. :Aye, I feel like I’ve run a marathon and worth every ache at the moment beautiful. I didn’t hurt you did I?”

:No, not at all. I’m not made of glass you know.:

“So I have learned. Think you can whip me back into shape?”

:Absolutely.: Praduc smiled rolling on top of Gallus to place a long lingering kiss on his parched lips, while reaching for the basket that had tumbled off the bed and grabbing the bottle of wine. Gallus laughed as Praduc pried out the cork with his teeth and brought the bottle to Gallus’ lips. He drank heartily and let out a satisfied breath before Praduc took a drink himself and then set the bottle on the window ledge.

“I needed that.”

:I know. I can read you like a book most times.:

“I am sadly predictable.” Gallus admitted and Praduc only winked.

:You managed to surprise me enough this morning so not wholly predictable. I like the occasional surprise.:

Gallus just grinned. “You manage to surprise me on a daily basis. It’s my turn once in a while I suppose. Now come here beautiful, I want you closer at the moment.”

:My pleasure.: Praduc replied crawling back into Gallus’ arms where they nestled together under the blankets and Gallus idly played with Praduc’s fingers as the candles guttered out and the full moon shining in through the window sent the colors of the glass bottles dancing across their linens and skin. It was in this peaceful sated silence they drifted to sleep, Gallus wrapped around Praduc from behind as they spooned together in the narrow bed technically only designed for one man, and a normal sized man. Gallus was nowhere near normal and his feet dangled off the end and he was perched on the edge trying to give Praduc as much room as possible.

They would need a bigger bed and soon. Gallus had no intention of sleeping alone again.


Gallus cracked open an eye to see Praduc still sleeping soundly, but a presence other than his lover had awakened him. Mane was there beside the bed, grinning at him. “Now that was beautiful.”

“Did you watch us?”

“Naturally. I watch every body. Yours was particularly satisfying. I am pleased.”

“So am I.” Gallus smiled and kissed a sleeping brow beside him.

“He’s quite beautiful. He reminds me of my Endymion. He was fey of beauty and impish of nature too. He will make you happy.”

“He already has. Thank you for kicking me in the pants.”

“You just needed confidence in yourself. I just gave a push, you did the rest on your own. Now then I am off to sleep, don’t forget tradition today.” Mane said picking up the discarded white robes on the floor and giving them a shake. They both turned blood read and two wreath crowns of red roses appeared and he set them on the nearby table. “To symbolize the blood of the virgin spilt last night. He gave you the most precious of gifts, himself. Today you must show your appreciation of his gift.”

“Aye, I know. Spoil him rotten and wait on him hand and foot all day.” Gallus grinned, he didn’t have to be told, he knew tradition after all, he taught it. The day after the lover’s moon, there would be many who had worn white the night before wearing red today. Their chosen mates also wearing red since they were the ones who had spilt the metaphorical and in some cases actual blood, Gallus wouldn’t be alone in acting like a lovesick fool waiting on his beloved’s whims today. It was a poor trade off for the virgin actually, there was nothing Gallus could do that would equal the gift he’d been given. But he’d certainly try.

Mane smiled and leaned over and kissed Gallus’ brow and then Praduc’s. “Long joy to you both, I bless your union and approve.” Mane said fading from sight as Praduc opened his eyes and his hand flew to his brow.

“Mane kissed you and gave us his blessings.” Gallus said and Praduc turned sleepy eyes toward Gallus.

:It felt like warm summer rain on my skin.: Praduc signed and Gallus nodded.

“Mane is warmth. His kisses always tingle the skin.” Gallus replied placing his own kiss on a Praduc’s brow.

:I like yours better. I hope Mane doesn’t mind.:

“I don’t think he does. Thank you beloved.”

:I love you my Bear:

Gallus chuckled at the new nickname Praduc had taken to signing at him, he decidedly liked it greatly “I love you too dearest. Now come on, I get to spoil you rotten all day now. I say we start with breakfast then it’s up to you what we do today.”

:Find a bigger bed for starters. You’re about to fall out of this one.: Praduc chuckled unfolding himself out of bed and looking with shock at the red robes and rose crowns. :Mane again?:

Gallus nodded and picked up Praduc’s robe and held it open for him to slip into and then he turned and placed the wreath of roses atop Praduc’s hair. “Beautiful, I feel so damn proud and profoundly lucky right now I could burst.”

:You’re so full of honey. You really are a bear!: Praduc laughed standing on his tip toes to place a kiss on the end of Gallus’ nose. :I’m starving, you?:

“When am I not?” Gallus winked pulling on his own robes and balancing his wreath on his head before offering his arm to Praduc and together they walked toward the hall as first mess bell rang.

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