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{FIC/COMPLETE} La Luna ed il suo Amante - IV

Series Title: La Luna ed il suo Amante
Chapter Number: Four
Author: D. Sanders
Posting Completed Story in Five Chapters - Forgive the Barest of Proofreading

Series Title: La Luna ed il suo Amante
Chapter Number: Four
Author: D. Sanders

Endys awoke to the concerned gaze of Mane. “I went too far. Forgive me Beloved.”

Endys just smiled and went to sit up and found he was dizzy and utterly exhausted in every pore. “I’m just tired Yoru.”

“No, you’re mortal and loving a god will consume you. Here, eat.” Mane said pressing a segment of orange fruit against Endys lips. Endys shook his head.

“I’m not hungry.”

“I know, a side effect. You must eat beloved to restore your strength. Anything high in sugar is best right now.” Mane said forcing the fruit past Endys lips. The first bite was enough to stimulate his appetite and soon he was devouring the fruit Mane fed to him with great need.

“That’s better. Let the sugar work in your system a moment. It will restore what I took from you.” Mane said leaning over to brush a kiss against sticky lips. He sat up smiling and licking his own with a wink. He seemed less like a God and more just a simple youth concerned over the one he loved.

Endys fell in love all over again and reached out to hold Mane’s hand.

“I remember so many things. Do you remember the night by the lake when you made the fireflies for me?” Endys asked and Mane nodded a fond smile tugging at his lips.

“You have ever been easy to please blossom. You remember everything?”

“Aye. Sol will be furious, we’re in danger.”

“I know. This is as far as we’ve ever gotten Flower. Now he will not rest in seeking to separate us again.” Mane sighed idly playing with Endys fingers where they lay still naked in white linen.

“Yoru, you know I have to die eventually. There is no stopping this. Even if we only have a mortal lifetime, we at least have that much.”

Mane nodded, tears falling from his eyes like diamonds, he couldn’t speak and could only crush Endys to his chest. Endys ran his fingers through Mane’s hair in a comforting gesture.

“You suffer the most my love. I wish so desperately to comfort you.” Endys said as he held Mane to his chest.

“The best comfort for me, is knowing you love me.”

“And I do Yoru. I always have and I always will.” Endys said shivering and pulling the sheet up over his shoulders.

“As I love you blossom.” Mane said leaning back with a sigh. “Poll saw us last night. His anger lingers.”

“He is Sol’s vassal this time. I can now recognize the fire for what it is.”

“He’s protected by Sol. I cannot stop him like last time unless you are here in the temple.”

“I know love. I know. But I cannot hide here always. Endys, or rather, I have duties that do not end because I suddenly remember my past. Although studying to be a lunar priest seems a bit redundant now. Seeing as I know you better than any of your priests.” Here Endys grinned and Mane chuckled.

“You know things I wish you didn’t if you remember EVERYTHING.” Mane smiled devilishly back and Endys leaned forward and kissed the end of Mane’s nose.

“I won’t let out your secrets beloved.” Endys winked leaning over Mane to find his discarded robes. “Last I remember, this was white when you took it off me.” Endys stated as he held the black robe up that was embroidered with what looked like moons and stars.

“You came a virgin, you are not leaving one.” Mane smirked and Endys shook his head with mirth as he pulled the robe over his shoulders.

“No you did a fine job of taking care of that last night love, and this is not necessary in order to advertise the fact you loved me almost to the point of death last night. This body is still mortal, you’ve left marks on it.”

“Just your eyes blossom. It is a consequence of knowing a god, your eyes burn now.”

“And other things burn this morning too. Yoru this body is wholly male don’t forget, only as a flower am I hermaphroditic. There is no womb in this body.”

“I know. I can put one there if you’d like.”

“You’d better not. I have enough trouble with this body as is thank you.” Endys said finger-combing snarls out of his hair as he finished off the fruit left in his basket.

“I always wanted children with you.” Mane said moving to comb Endys’ hair himself.

“I know. I did too. Maybe someday I’ll be able to return to an immortal existence and I’ll let you have your way and let you pollinate your flower.” Endys winked and Mane smiled as he braided Endys hair.

“You never let me before.”

“We were young, neither of us were ready then. Even Sol does not have children yet.”

“And I never wanted any.” Came a rich voice from the door.

“Get out of my temple.” Mane growled at his brother who stood leaning against the doorframe in the bright morning light.

“I’m not in it.”

“Both of you stop it. It was old then, it is old now. Stop bickering already.” Endys rolled his eyes and stood to brush off his robes of stray pearls and diamonds.

“Endymion, you’re far too much like mother sometimes. Cheeky though to scold a god when you are still mortal.” Sol winked and Endys sighed.

“Who made me mortal? Had you known the meaning of ‘no’ Yoru and I would not be in this mess.”

“I love you.” Sol protested.

“Yoake you love nothing more deeply than lust or affection. You killed me remember? That is not love, that was jealousy and you know it. Can we all please stop this now? You have thousands of flowers at your feet Yoake, I’m only one insignificant flower, please stop bringing innocent mortals into your games. Poll does not deserve this perversion.”

“I didn’t do it beautiful. That anger is all his own, you never let him blow off that steam. He was horny as hell being denied and the next thing he knew he got a nice view of your legs in the air being pounded willingly within an inch of your mortal existence. Yeah, you pissed him off all by yourself gorgeous.”

“You’re still vulgar too I see.” Endys sighed rubbing his temples. Yesterday morning he’d have fainted dead away had he been told that in less than twenty-four hours he was going to lose his virginity making love to a god, remember being a god himself and then argue with his lover’s twin-brother over breakfast the following morning. It was a horrible mockery of a mortal drama with more intense, tragic and inhuman consequences.

Mane was glowing white hot with rage and Endys laid a hand on his arm. “Don’t he’s baiting you on purpose.”

“Yes he is.” Came a new voice and Sol flinched as a graceful and beautiful woman walked past him angrily.

“Good morning mother.” Both sons said in unison as she crossed the floor to embrace Endys.

“Yoake, leave. I told you once not to interfere again, don’t make me any angrier than I already am.” She said and Sol bowed and left, no one argued with mother.

“Endymion, little flower I am sorry.” She said kissing his brow.

“Mother, I am here because of your intervention. Thank you.” Endys replied as he hugged her in return.

“Nonsense little one. Yoru, dearest, please leave us a moment.” The goddess said and Mane bowed.

“Yes mother.” He said vanishing from the room. The mother goddess led Endys over to a low bench and they sat together, her fingers entwining with his.

“Endys, Love can be so cruel. When I made you for Yoru, I never realized how badly Yoake would react, so like his father and I loved too deeply to see the faults in the son that were the faults of the father.”

“Mother, I don’t blame you.”

“I know pet. I know. But all these years I have cried each time I see Yoru lose you again. He is more my son where emotions are concerned than his father’s. He too loves too deeply to see clearly sometimes.”

“Aye. I know. I have the same faults.”

“There are worse ones.” The mother smiled patting Endys hand.

“True.” Endys sighed. “But you came here for another reason I think.”

“Always sharp you were. Yes. This is the farthest you’ve come to regaining yourself Endys. You’ve finally remembered being a god, you remember who you really are. But there will be a final trial.”

“I know, and I will die again.”

“In a manner of speaking yes. The mortal Endys will have to die to allow Endymion to return.”

“I surmised as much. I do not fear it; I always said that I would die for his happiness. My choice is an easy one to make.”

“I just needed to hear that. It is the mother in me to need to know her children understand.” Here the Goddess kissed Endys cheek. “This will end. There will be sadness over Endys, but rejoicing over Endymion.”

“All life is precious, I cannot say that as a mortal I don’t fear the pain of death. I just do not fear death itself. I remember Endymion, but I also carry all that is Endys in me. I am both, mortal flesh and god soul coexisting in one form. There is conflict and that I cannot deny. But in the end, I am Endymion. I was created specifically for Yoru, I belong to Yoru and there is nothing in this mortal existence worth forsaking our love for. This is what I always tried to tell Yoake. If he’d ever listen.”

“Pig-headed. But he will not harm you again. He cannot. He can only goad his followers into harming your mortal form and he has.”

“Poll. That saddens me most. He is a dear friend, a confidant of my youth. He will suffer being a pawn in this.”

“Not wholly a pawn dear. The anger is indeed his own, Yoake didn’t need to goad it much. Passion can cloud common sense. He has his role to play in this, as do you. Your choices have been made, he will make his of his own free will.”

“Aye. I will be glad of this all being over, I am already weary and it is still the dawn of my awakening.”

The goddess laughed. “Aye. I will be glad of this ending soon too. I heard my Son mentioning Grandchildren at last.”

Endys smiled. “If he’s a good boy, I might just let him have his way.” Endys winked and the goddess mother kissed his cheek.

“Flowers, you’re the only ones who can tame bees.”

“You made us this way mother.” Endys grinned beatifically.

“So I did.” She replied with a gentle laugh as she faded from the temple.

Mane reappeared moments later. “Have a nice chat?” He asked as he draped himself at Endys’ feet.

“Always. Mother knows best.”

“And never allows you forget it either.” Mane grinned leaning his head back on Endys’ knees to look up at him. “I have to stay out of this don’t I?”

“Aye. Just watch and all will sort itself out.”

“I’m going to hate this aren’t I?”

“That’s guaranteed. Don’t blow your temper when the time comes.”

“You’re going to die.”

“Yes. But only this mortal shell, remember that.”

“Aye.” Mane nodded with resignation. “Did she say how soon?”

“No. We can only wait now.”

“So we wait I suppose.” Mane said standing and offering his hand to his beloved. “I think I should escort you back. Gallus will be worried about now and fruit was not nearly enough for you. I can hear your mortal stomach grumbling from here.”

“Do you think it wise you just stroll about the grounds in broad daylight? You’ll make all the elderly priests die of shock.”

“Good point. I promise only you and Gallus will see me. I can’t hide from him anyway. He’s always had the touch to see me, whether I wanted him to or not.” Mane said as he took Endys’ hand and they began to walk back to the dormitories.

“He wants to rest you know.”

“Aye. But I needed him here to take care of you. I trusted him most. He will die soon and be happy. There is a special place in the heavens waiting for him.” Mane smiled as they reached the courtyard and everyone dropped everything they were doing to stare.

Endys had left them an innocent young virgin the night before. Dressed in white and untouched. Now as he entered the courtyard, he wore the robes of a lunar high priest, his icy eyes were ablaze with inner knowledge and fire; Endys had not only been touched by His God, he had become his God’s lover.

Mane chuckled and Endys rolled his eyes. “This is your fault.” Endys hissed. “They stared at me enough before.”

“You came to me on a lover’s moon with mead blossom. That was an invitation and a half. I didn’t hear you say stop.”

“Don’t be crass.” Endys sighed as he reached a cluster of young solar novices that were in his age group.

“Endys? What? Who are you talking to?”

“I’ll explain everything shortly. First I need mess, I am needing my strength first.” Endys said trying to ignore Mane’s boyish amusement at his expense.

“If you want to love me ever again, I’d suggest you stop sniggering my love.” Endys stated and Mane just laughed harder.

“Endys who ARE you talking to?”

“Oh for goodness sakes Mane stop it! It’s not that funny.” Endys growled.

“You told me to stay invisible.”

“I know I told you to stay invisible, I’ve changed my mind you’re making me look like I’ve lost my mind you wretched man!” Here Endys turned back to his friends.

“Endys? Are you saying Mane is right here?”

“Right behind you making faces like a twelve year old no less.”

“Right… Endys you really had us going there a minute.”

“He’s serious.” Mane’s voice sounded and when the others turned they saw nothing, but suddenly FELT his presence. “Sorry blossom. I’m just feeling rather good this morning.”

“So I noticed. And if you don’t want me passing out in a few minutes, I need you to behave so I can get to food. Oh ye who does not have to eat. Excuse me please.” Endys said grabbing Mane’s arm as he marched off in search of his breakfast.

“By Sol’s Crown! Lord Mane was here!”

“Not only that, did you hear how Endys was talking to him?”

“Scolding him like a boy!”

“Does that mean what I think it means?”

“Did you see Endys eyes? I think so.”

“I wonder what it’s like being the lover of a god.”

“Dangerous. Look how pale Endys is. I certainly would not want to be Sol’s lover. They consume mortals.”

“Wait a minute. Isn’t Mane celibate?”

“No, remember theology idiot? He only has one lover, the lunar glory flower god. But he died when Sol and Mane fought over him.”

“No he didn’t die. The Goddess mother made him mortal so he wouldn’t die.”

“Do you think that means that Endys is him?”

“Oh gods my brain hurts. I guess we’ll find out won’t we?”

“Yeah I guess. We’d better get in there if we want to hear what Endys has to say.”

“Man, Poll is gonna be mad when he finds out.”

The small group of solar novices hurried after Endys and crowded into the already overflowing mess hall where everyone waited eagerly for Endys to devour his food hungrily, while glaring daggers at empty air.

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