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[WORK IN PROGRESS ART] Sirius x Remus (Padfoot and Mooney Marauder Era)

Just snap shots of the Harry Potter Fanart I'm attempting for the Yaoi-Con art show.

As you can see, I am once again making Adobe PhotoShop my bitch and making my active memory RAM.... WEEP.

#1) Image one... The original rough draft sketch I posted waaaay back when: The Title has since changed to "Dark Side of the Moon", come on you KNOW they listened to Pink Floyd back in school!!

#2) Background stand alone....
Modeled with Stone Mason Construction in Poser, exported to photoshop where paint, airbrushes, smuge tools and filters are abused with wild abandon....

#3) Sirius and Remus in their current stages of completion... Remus is pretty much done.... Sirius is looking a bit barebones still

#4) Characters here superimposed on the background... yes, I'll fix Remus' leg later, I wanted the overlap in this stage. Better TOO MUCH, I have to trim off to make disapper inside the window ledge than not enough.
Tags: art show, fanart, harry potter, yaoi-con

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