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Teaser Image... My Manga Project... Part 2

Character design sketch of the SEME:

Yes, you read that right, I've re-written the old fanfic and turned it into a manga script.
No gypies, Horny Queen/King this time around. Cut for sheer length and I kept it a bit truer to the original story, however certain elements (like payment methods and the Homosexual Godfather) remained in tact. :PPPP

This will be in the Sakuranbo Studios Anthology for next year's Y-Con. ^_^

Here's my "hero", Well, sorta.... Meet Prince Dick...

Richard: RAWR!!! I HATE THAT!!!! It's RICHARD! R-I-C-H-A-R-D!!! *fume* ;)

Just a quicky character map I tossed together, ignore the lack of soild lines folks, this is JUST sketch work with ye olde wacom.

I spent a couple of hours TOPS on this. That includes several cigarette breaks.
I just wanted to get him on a visual perspective and play with his final look.
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