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My Weight Issues & Diabetes (Emotional Subject)

Okay one of my friends mentioned something that got me thinking about an issue that affects me every day...

I'm technically considered Morbidly Obese (if you go by the Medical field) Anything over 50 pounds is "morbid"

I'm 6'0 Tall and Weigh approx: 220lbs

I have a very large skeletal frame too, but they never take that into consideration. It's all based on just how tall you are.

They say I should weigh 150
so I am, by their standard, 70lbs overweight.

For me there is no explanation *WHY* I am so big either... here let me show you what I just e-mailed my doctor earlier today...

I am also a typeII diabetic - Insulin dependant
currently uncontrolled

(I am seeing the doctor every week right now since my diabetes suddenly flew off the charts unstable. The plain meds just were no longer working, I've been put on insulin and I was upto 85 units a day and it wasn't making any difference... It's scary. It's already caused Neuropathy to my ulnar nerves and is making my carpal tunnel deteriorate... I'm in a world of hurt until I get this stabilzed.)

I just started a new medication last night... (Byetta, which is LIZARD SPIT, I kid you not. It's made out of Gila Monster Saliva!! Google it! Fascinating)

I started the injections last night for my diabetes (And the results so far are Fan-fucking tastic) but let me tie in my weight and diabetes here... this e-mail I sent to my Doctor a few hours ago will give you an idea of my daily food consumption:

I was taking up until yesterday:
85 units of Lantus Insulin at bedtime
1500 MG of Metformin in the morning
2.5 MG Glipizide in the morning

Last night I started the new medication regime:
I inject 40 units of Lantus Insulin at bedtime
I take 1500 MG of Metformin in the morning
and take 2 injections of Byetta daily (Breakfast/Dinner)

Here's a Copy and Paste of my e-mail to Susan my Diabetes Doctor.

Hi Susan,
This is Dana Sanders, I saw you yesterday... and I just had to share with you my amazing first day results.

I took my first dose of Byetta last night about 15 minutes before dinner
No nausea
Before dinner test: 139
After: 197
Took 40 units of Lantus around 11:00 pm
at about 1: 30 am result 182
when I went to bed at 4: 30 (Yes I was up REALLY late, I was working on my website)
result: 125

This morning:
Before Breakfast: Result 116 (About 10:00 this morning)
took my metformin 1500 (3 500mg ER tabs)
did NOT take the glipizide as instructed
took Byetta about 15 minutes before meal - no nausea
ate 4 pieces of toast (I specifically did this, because I love just buttered toast, no jam or jelly for breakfast but it tended to SPIKE my numbers by like 200+ readings, way off the scale.)
result 1.5 hours later after breakfast: 105!!!! NO SPIKING AT ALL! WhooHoo!

Then I went back to bed for a few hours because I was exhausted from pulling a working all nighter
got up around 3-ish: Tested at 153
ate about a cup worth of Greek salad in vinegar & olive oil around 4-ish just to tide me over until dinner

at 7: 30 pre-dinner tested at 150
took Byetta about 5 minutes before dinner
got a little nauseas during the meal and my appetite evaporated (due to the slight nausea)
I ate about 6 "quarter" sized pieces of polish sausage and half a dozen bites of Mac & Cheese (Kraft)
just tested 2 hours later result: 169

I am utterly AMAZED at how this in ONE DAY Byetta turned in some drastic changes in my daily averages.
This is a typical day meal wise for me. As you can see I don't eat much, my weight problem boggles my mind since I eat practically nothing and can never shed the weight.
Perhaps the Byetta will also help that as you mentioned.
I hope.

Just had to share the great news, hope you had a terrific holiday!

So that's my typical daily food consumption. Not a lot and my blood sugars for the past 10 years have averaged 295 *WAY TOO HIGH!!!*
I should average after meals between 120-180
fasting averages (Like first thing in the morning) 80-120

so not only was that little bit a food fucking with my blood
it is making me as big as a house.

So yeah, I can really have a lot of sympathy for heavy people, I've been huge my entire life.

Weight can be an emotionally sensitive issue, I've dealt with it for 34 years. Not fun. I feel sorry for anyone struggling with weight that just refuses to fall off. I know what it's like to tote that bail.

I'm hypersensitive to weight and the stigma, it's one of my emotional triggers and everyone, EVERYONE assumes I'm "fat" because I'm a "porker-overeater"

everyone assumes I'm diabetic because I eat bad.

(You cannot, I repeat CANNOT CATCH DIABETES BECAUSE YOU OVER-EAT!!! It's a GENEITC DISEASE! Your Pancreas fails to produce insulin, your diet cannot CAUSE you to get diabetes. You are just more at risk for your pancreas to fail if you are obese. because your pancreas has to work harder to produce insulin to match your body mass. Your Diet only effects blood sugar levels. and if your pancreas is WORKING, you're fine. You cannot catch Diabetes like a COLD. Common misconception.)

So people assume both those things about me, and it's not the case. I know very slender people who eat triple my daily consumption with no troubles.

So it's one of those things that I hate seeing other people have to deal with, it makes me sad.

The weight problem I have is unexplanable, but the diabetes at least is being addressed...

The new medication I started injecting, BYETTA, is a hormone found in Gila Monster Spit that "talks" to the pancreas and makes it stop being "Lazy" and bascially "kicks" it like "OI YOU LAZY ORGAN START MAKIN' WITH THE INSULIN!!!"

The hormone stimulates natural pancreatic insultin production.

Why? Apparently Gila Monsters eat like once a YEAR. So when they do eat, they can't have their blood sugar spike, so their spit makes the pancreas go into HYPERDRIVE to counteract the sudden food intake.

I think this is fascinating. And.. It's working so far.

So my point?

Next time you see someone heavy. Please have a LITTLE SYMPATHY... they might be just like me.

Not all of us belong to overeaters anonymous....

How many of you ate more than me today?
How many of you ate something with Sugar in it?
Drank a regular soda?
Ate a candy bar?
A full meal at one sitting?

Probably quite a few of you.

Please keep that in mind, the teasing, the assumtions, and the general distaste we get from the rest of society HURTS.

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