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Testing image...

Okay I'm hosting thevirginreaper on my server and she can't see her files on her browser. She's getting 404 errors
I can see them just fine, I tested her site on all the computers in my house
I checked with my host and the DNS has propagated last night, all the redirections for her domain name are correct, I did them myself
and the site loads for me just fine...

does anyone else have trouble seeing this:
http://silverempire.com *note don't try the links, we know those are not linked yet..... just does the page load for you?

and test for hotlinking to pictures....

Her image:

If you can't see this please give me specifics
What browser you're using, OS, PC/MAC, ISP... etc... if you can... that will help the tech dudes.

Well it looks split across the board... it seems all of you can see the SITE itself...
but images in directories are loading for some and not for others...
I put in a service ticket with my host... This has broken my brain as to the cause of this.
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