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Very Amusing Friday Night and Saturday

Okay I'm just going to give a little HISTORY of me first...
From 1992-1996 I worked for Custom Chrome, Inc. (Before I quit and moved to LA with my then Husband who ALSO used to work for CCI but went to work for another motorcycle company)

The years at CCI were both good and bad and I had made quite a few really good friends with co-workers there so when news came down that our Friend Dave who was retiring was having a farewell party, and since both my parents ALSO used to work for CCI (Dad is the only one left who still actually works for them, Mom retired.)

We all piled into the car and made the three hour drive north to see Dave (Now I haven't seen any of these people in 8 years in person)

It was like I never left. I was barely in the door before I was bowled over by big burly biker dudes. Ah, it's good to be the peanut butter in a man sandwich!

But I digress, the party was really fun, I brought my Yaoi portfolios full of cock and just giggled my ass off as I shocked men left and right with my porn! ahahahahah
I mean I *DID* have post-it notes over wankers that read "XXX-Lift at own risk" and naturally EVERYONE lifts it! ahahahahahahah!

At one point Dave and my Dad were doing the snog over one of my books, it was quite hilarious, Mom sadly had the camera in her purse so we missed pictures. :PPPP

But anyhow, some of the best moments of the evening were the total slagging-off comments on my Ex-husband and the offers of bodily harm! LOL
I'm like dudes, it's been three years, if you find him just get him to frigging PAY ME for the bills the fucker left behind! $25,000.00 worth of debt and he was ordered to pay HALF OF THAT and I've not seen a fucking dime!

I am going to be a total bitch and laugh my ass off here. One of my former co-workers who was at the party is a Man by the name of John Reed.
A fucking insane little English Man but incredibly famous in the industry because he's fucking BRILLIANT. If you watched the 50th Episode special of MONSTER GARAGE on TLC... John was on the show:

He's been famous in England since the late 1960's and my Ex-husband (Who was a brit from Manchester, England) Grew up IDOLIZING this man. Seriously. John was inducted into the Motorcycle Hall of Fame back in 2001 (he's really a LEGENDARY designer bike builder.)

He's a fucking lunatic. To give you an idea of this man's inner workings. If you go to John's house, he has built this LUGE track on his property, yes like the LUGE in the Olympics. Only his sled is JET POWERED because he stuck a MOTOR ON IT to make it go faster. I will not get on this thing, top speed is 120 on the track. O_O. But it's not the SPEED that is the scary part.

John's property ends at a public road.
The Track dumps onto the road to end.
So if you're on this thing just as a CAR happened to drive by.
You're dead from T-boning.
John is a few screws loose.
But most geniuses are.

Ginny, his little French wife is total opposite. She must balance this man out. LOL Poor Ginny. (Even if I wanted to stuff a napkin down her gob last night from trying to convince the bar man to go and hire a karaoke machine for me to sing for her. She really loved the Yaoi! Go Ginny! Hell, so did John actually, we must have sat there talking about Poser 4 for 30 minutes, he wants a 3D program to draw metal designs in rather than on paper first. I hooked him up with at least a Wacom tablet information before he went home. ^_^)

Again, I'm going way off base here.

My favorite quote last night and the whole point of this post.

Remember when I said my Ex-husband IDOLOZED John Reed.

The first words out of John's mouth last night when I walked in.:

"So you finally divorced that wanker? Good on ya girl. He was a right Prat!"


I get a sick pleasure in this. I really do.

I later found out, John had seen Craig (my Ex) at a rinky-dink bike shop down in Costa Mesa...
John made sure he snubbed the "git".

I got even more sick glee out of that.

Ginny went off on a tangent I only understood half of, because when she gets tipsy her accent (Which is already thick) becomes even more so.

But ah, what a night. We drove back after the party even with everyone and their brother telling us to stay over night. (We didn't bring overnight stuff) it's only a 3 hour drive.

SO we rolled in home about 3 o'clock this morning beat and dead tired.

But I just love the fact that for all the nasty bullshit said about REAL BIKERS... The truth is:

A.) Bikers and Yaoi are great party conversation pieces.
B.) Hells Angels can blush like girls when shown cartoon cocks!! :PPP
C.) Biker Chicks want links to my website ASAP (cackle)
D.) Even after 8 years they still treat you like they saw you yesterday
E.) No matter how "famous" you are, you still get pissed when your friends get dumped like I did.
F.) The El Capri lounge hasn't changed in 10 years... (and probably more. I think the same cobwebs are in the bathroom from the last time I was there. O_o)
G.) The El Capri doesn't throw out loud people, which is nice. But it's such a DIVE I think we were the only ones IN THERE.


So that was my Friday.

Saturday, back to reality... Because of my EX my credit is EL-CRAPPO.... and I haven't brought my Credit Score up high enough yet for decent payments on a New Car.
Mine is still perfectly FINE (Kia, Sephia) . I mean it's like new. It's just ya know.... I *WANTED* the new one. (Kia Sorento)... I LOVE Kia's, best Car I ever had and you just cannot beat the warranty and VALUE to your $$$$.

Maybe next year I'll have cleared up more to bring that score back up.

I had EXCELLENT credit BC (Before Craig)
and Couldn't even get a BANK ACCOUNT (Checking) in my name AC (after Craig.) He fucked me that bad.

But I am NOT declaring bankruptcy, I refused too,
3 years later it's FINALLY coming back (my credit) piece by piece.
I will make it, and I feel great!

That's all... happy mood Journal Post.

My to do list art wise is still kicking my ASS.
3 commission, 1 collaboration, 30 thumbnails for manga... OMG! I need TIME!

...and I *have* to do my laundry tomorrow or go naked into work Monday.

Then I work a 3 day week only, because I took Thursday and Friday off for my Birthday (Saturday 8/27) and Mako is coming down for us to terrorize Visalia.
Caro, we need to do a triple B-day celebration something!

Ah I am soooo busy.

And I have to add... It was strange I haven't been called "Deej" in YEARS it was weird walking into the party and having to answer to a nickname I haven't been called in almost a Decade. And that nick came about because when i began working at CCI, there were a lot of other girls in the office with similar names so they began calling me by my initials, DJ (Short for my first and middle names) and they just shortened it to a single syllable "Deej" over the years.

I forgot how much I liked that name.


Also, it's great for an ego, when you go back looking better than when you LEFT. About 80 pounds lighter and all your hair hacked off! You can really glow good with all the "YOU LOOK GREAT!OMG!!!1111oneoneone" comments. While I'm still a big mama-jama technically, I'm a smaller mama-jama than I was... and my hair is definately MUCH different. I used to have hair down to my ass in those days. It barely covers my skull now it's so short. ^_^ :PPP
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