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1] What is your pen name?

2] How did you get the name? 
About 8 years ago I wanted an e-mail name that described me.

Storyteller was taken
Yarnspinner was taken

and I didn't want one of those with a gazillion numbers after it... so I played around with variations and came up with 'fablespinner'

it stuck like super glue to fingers.

So the longer I was on line... the more the nickname cemented itself and about 5 years ago when I got my website... the domain name fablespinner went right along with it... too hard to change it when everyone knows you as "fablespinner".

3] Do you use PC or Mac?

4] What software you use most often?
Photoshop 7.0, OpenCanvas 1.0, POSER 4, Microsoft Word, Notepad

5] Do you use mouse, or tablet?
Wacom Intuos II 12x12 Tablet Baby!

6] The color you use most often is?
Any shade of Blue.

7] What area of the pictures do you put most effort into?
Hands, those who know me know I have a serious HAND FETISH. Next would be hair.

8] How long does it take you do draw a picture?
Sketch? 15 minutes to all day
All out finished image 12 hours to a month of Futzing.

9] Do you keep your rough drafts?
If they are on paper I usually give them away. Digital I only “keep” them if I’ve saved the stages for a WIP demonstration.

10] What kind of font do you use most often?

11] What's the dpi when you scan?

12] Do you do anything else when you're drawing pictures?
Not really. The TV is usually on in the other room, or I’m talking to Mom, other than that nope.

13] How many pictures do you draw in a month?
2-5 realistically

14] What kind of paper do you draw your pictures on?
I’ll draw it on regular old printer paper. I’ll ink it/print it on cardstock.

15] What kind of paper do you use for sketches and drafts?
See above.

16] How long does it take to ink something?
4-12 Hours

17] Do you do doujinshi or original manga?
I did a couple REALLY BAD ONES ages ago.

18] Do you like doujinshi? Is it fun making it?
I have a hefty collections, HATE drawing them

19] Ever submitted anything to a magazine?
Yes, several.

20] Did it get published?

21] Who are your favorite artists?
Goodness? How much time you got?

22] What's your favourite Anime/Manga?
I only really “fangirled” over Gundam Wing to the point I did fanart/fics for it. I like a lot though.

23] Favourite Character?
Trowa x Quatre 3x4 all the way baby.

24] Any artists that you'd like to draw like?
Is it okay to say I like my style now?

25] Do you buy books a lot?
Yes, a lot.

26] Did you ever buy a book to inspire you to draw?
No. But I buy books for reference stock. Like “The Human Figure in Motion” by Eadweard Muybridge ISBN:0-486-20204-6… FABULOUS BOOK! I actually Got that for my Birthday one year from Lorena Manuel, and DAMN if I don’t use that book a LOT for movement poses!

27] Any video games you enjoy?
The last video game I played was Space Invaders… I watch my mother play the PS2 I bought HER, not me. I can imitate Sora dying pretty good now. She kills him often enough.. :P

28] Any favourite characters from video games?
Um, no. But I like looking at the pretty men.

29] Do you have a favourite writer?
Tad Williams, Anne McCaffrey, Mercedes Lackey, J.K. Rowling, Lynn Fewelling, C.S. Lewis

30] Any books you really enjoy?
Harry Potter Series, The Valdemar Series, The DragonRiders of Pern Series, The NightRunner Series, The Chronicles of Narnia, etc…

31] Do you write fanfics?
I used to. I’ve written over 300 if you count long epics with multitude of chapters. O_o

32] Any music that you often listen to while drawing?
Classical down VERY LOW

33] Any recommended songs?
Vivaldi, I love Vivaldi

35] Do you have any sites you want to go everyday?
Livejournal flist, Y!G, Tokyo Toshokan (BT site)

36] What is your dream site like?
Clean, easy to read, no bells and whistles.

37] Do you like your own art?
I like it well enough, I have a lot of room for improvement.

38] What do you enjoy watching on TV?
I am addicted to HGTV

39] Favourite celebrity?
Tony Shaloob

40] Favourite color?

41] Favourite food?

42] Favourite drink?
Peppermint Mocha Blended

43] Any places you like to shop at?
I only go shopping if I absolutely HAVE to.

44] Can you cook?
HELL NO! I can burn WATER.

45] Any programs you use often for email? Any electronic pets?
Hotmail, Outlook… No.

46] Are you a computer expert?
Not in the slightest

47] Want to become a professional artist?
If it paid me health insurance benefits… YES. I have to be realistic, I need the coverage more.

48] Any other jobs you're interested in, besides an illustrator?
Animal Cop! I would love to arrest people who were cruel to animals and get in their faces.

49] Any other specialities besides drawing?
Writing and Music. I was a vocal major at VanderCook College of Music in Chicago during the late 80’s early 90’s. I once sang with the Chicago Opera.

50] Do you like to watch movies?
Comedies mostly.

51] What's your favourite movie?
Trading Places. (In Philiadelphia, it’s worth 50 bucks.)

52] Have you ever entered art contests?
Yup, and lost every one.

53] When did you start drawing seriously?
About 5 years ago.

54] Anything that you often use as a reference when you draw?
I mainly make my own now in Poser.

55] Have you met any of your fans online?
Fans? No… Friends? Yes, many of them.

56] You have a lot of pen pals?
I did when I was 12! I wonder whatever happened to Gavin my boy in Australia. LOL

57] You have a lot of friends that draws?
Yes, and all of them better than me… bastards!

58] What time do you usually go online?
What’s OFF LINE?

59] Do you like to go to chat rooms?

60] Do you have your own computer?
Yes, (2) The Tower Compaq Presario and my HP pavilion Widescreen laptop.

61] What would you say to the person you admire?
May I bear your offspring?

62] Do you think of things when you draw?
I am ever multitasking in my brain… did I feed the fish yet?

63] Have you drawn bad because you think too much?
If I can’t concentrate, I don’t even bother.

64] Do you have any friends who are professionals?
As in PROFESSIONALS like Lawyers and Doctors? Yes.
Artists? Well we all scrape by man.

65] Where do you often hang out?
Borders or the movies if I go out at all from my cave/office

66] Do you have any artists that you don't like too much?
There are a few people out there that piss me off yes.

67] Situations in which you really don't like being online?
When THE DRAMA has to rear it’s ugly head, I run.

68] Situations in which you hate when it comes to having websites?
When I can’t log into my frigging FTP because it’s down… AGAIN!

69] Something that makes you really glad that the internet exists?

70] What about things that make you NOT glad that the internet exists?

71]What's the first picture you've ever shown to the public online?
A picture I did of Trowa about 5 years ago… the image was ritualistically offered to the volcano in sacrifice. *shudders*

72] Do you still have that?

73] Has your drawing style changed a lot?

74] How does it usually change?
The anatomy gets better mainly.

75] Have you experienced artists block before?
We all have I think.

76] How did you escape from it?
It goes on it’s own eventually.

77] What happens when you have artists block?
I do something else for a while.

78] Any artists that have influenced you a lot?
Oh many artists have. I’ll like certain aspects of many people. Like Youka Nitta does the best HANDS EVAR!!!1111oneoneone… She makes me COME with her hands! If I could emulate one person, it would be to draw hands as well as she does.

79] What made you start drawing?
I’ve ALWAYS drawn since I could hold a pencil. HOWEVER, beware the now long winded response:

On December 8th, 1999 I was rushed to the hospital, I remember thinking inthe ambulance I was gonna die. I couldn't breathe, I could feel my heart ready to burst out of my chest. I remember being overrun by doctor's... then sleep.

I woke up Christmas Eve, 1999. My mother was there (and at this time she lived over 400 miles away.)

I learned how close I came to death. I had total pulmonary shut down. They put me in a medically induced coma and had me on life support for three weeks. I had a 30% chance of survival when they brought me in.

However, due to all the medications, the ventilator, the tubes, etc... I suffered a horrible side effect. I had total, 100% complete muscle atrophy. That mean I was LITERALLY only bones and water. I had NO MUSCLE MASS IN MY ENTIRE BODY.

I woke up, unable to talk, move, eat, shit, etc... I was a total parapalegic really. I could blink. I'm not exaggerating either.

I was scared, I was bloody PISSED OFF MAN!

Going to "sleep" a normal functioning human, and waking up a SLUG?


I think this attitude is what saved my life really. I'm not a quitter.
I had goals man. The first was to bloody MOVE AGAIN
Then sit, feed myself. HOLD A PENCIL!

My hands were the most horrible looking crows claws you ever saw. Hands curl up when you loose muscle and I spent MONTHS of physical therapy just getting my motor skills back.

Drawing was therapy for me, it fine tuned the small musckes in our fingers we all take for granted.

It's quite a wake up call to realize you can go from OK to NAUGHT in .06 seconds.

I was released from the hospital in a wheel-chair March 2000

almost 4 months in a hospital.... If I never walk back in another I will be happy.

I then spent the next 8 months doing hard core Physical Therapy to regain what I lost.

1 year later, December 2000 I went back to work again.

Life is too fragile to waste, those I love can go just as easily as I can.

If life hands me lemons damn it... I'm writing a meaty FIC out of them man!

I'm gonna live every day like my last, appreciate the simple things like being ABLE to get up out of a chair under my own power.

Walk the dog.

Draw a picture…. Etc…

80] What made you want to get a website?
I wanted to learn to make one.

81] Where did your site name come from?
My e-mail nickname that STUCK.

82] What do you think about net manners?
They should be used at all times, without exception. Sadly a pipe dream.

83] Have you ever been spammed?
Every GodDamn Day!

84] Ever thought about quitting your webpage?
Yes, many times.

85] If so, why?
I HATE updating it!

86] About how much KB is each picture?
I try to make my websafe ones under 110KB… my working files? 20Megs… seriously.

87] When creating your site, do you use a program or pure html?
Frontpage and notepad.

88] Do you have good eyesite?
Yes, but I wear glasses because my eyes get TIRED easy and I’m photosensitive.

89] If you can get any person's autograph, who's would you get?
Oh gawd. I have no idea.

90] What would you say to that artist when he/she autographs for you?
Well THANK You would probably be a good starter response. DUH.

91] Do you have fans of your art?
A few. Thank you guys!

92] Do you like to draw on oekaki bbs?
Occasionally when bored.

93] Are you good at art in school?
I never took an art class beyond 5th grade elementary.

94] Did you take art lesson other than from school?
Nope, all self taught.

95] Have you drawn a manga?
Yes, badly.

96] What's your favourite phrase/quote?
“I do not feel obliged to believe that the same God who has endowed us with sense, reason and intellect has intended us to forgo their use.” – Galilieo Galilei

97] Do you think your personality is different externally and internally?
Nope, I’m a snarky bitch inside and out!

98] What's your goal now?
Pay my bills every month? I’m really quite happy with my life, dull as it is.

99] What do you have to say to yourself?
Don’t forget to drop off the cry cleaning tomorrow.

100] Lastly, what do you have to say to everyone?
I can’t believe I did this bloody thing! I’m a lemming see me leap!
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